7 thoughts on “A Frightening Monday Cubanism”

  1. Reminds me of Gene Wilder’s Frankenstein calling out to Peter Boyle’s hideous monster in Young Frankenstein just as he is going to be mauled, “Hello, handsome!”

  2. Confirma que botaron al niño y criaron la placenta. English: This confirms they threw away the baby, and raised the afterbirth.

  3. Sorry to dissapoint, but the picture has been heavily altered from the original. If you single left click on it you will see the SOB as he really looks. I guess it’s someone’s idea of a joke.

  4. omar-

    you had to take all the fun out of it. i was already getting carried away….debe tener un cancer en la piel, i was thinking. oh well.

  5. We have a pretty good idea where he (Castro)is at any given hour of the day or night. Picking him off would not be the problem. One little drone with a few kilos of some stuff that makes a VERY big noise when it goes off is all it would take to turn him into toast. (Kind of looks like that anyway) But, you see, he knows that we are watching. He knows, that we know where his is. He knows that he can be picked at any time and he also knows that just letting him die is a lot less “messy” and is the real endgame. May be most important of all, he knows just how far he can “go” before he causes a major problem for some people who are much bigger and much stronger. The clock is ticking!
    John Hussey | 04.04.06 – 8:52 am | #


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