Seeing the tree and the forest (Updated)

What does it tell you about a certain country when two men are shot trying to smuggle people OUT of said country?

UPDATE: There are unconfirmed reports that there was actually a lot more bloodshed than reported, including perhaps women and children. Since it’s Cuba, as always, details are still sketchy.

4 thoughts on “Seeing the tree <i>and</i> the forest (Updated)”

  1. Aside from the obvious of what a hellhole Cuba has become, it tells me that these smugglers were apparently not paying off the castro regime the way they needed to.

  2. man, captain obvious, we salute you again. what with the murders in venezuela too, this is kind of a bad day for innocent bloodshed.

  3. This is what Cubans are sent back to under the wet foot dry foot, no retaliation against those who try to leave? What say you President? Does murder count?

  4. some of this “smugglers”,are in fact castro’s agents.and what they charge for the “smuggling” ,part of it goes to castro and departamento america,and others..well..they are just smugglers…and this case,it looks like they were not in castro’s payroll..

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