5 thoughts on “Shall we play a game?”

  1. Dear God. What a fucking nightmare. This is why I tell people that when a country threatens you you take them out. Iran should have been taken care of in 1979, Cuba in 1961. Now we have the potential for a tragedy right here on our doorstep. Damn our cowardly politicians to hell.

  2. I’m surprised the mullahs haven’t muzzled Ahmadinejad. If he leads Iran to war with the West, is there any doubt about the outcome? The mullahs too will be out of power and with them the “Iranian Revolution.” I’m also surprised the Cuban bicycle brigade and the Bolivian navy aren’t participating in the war games.

  3. What an incredible scenario!
    How can the United States government possibly stand by and let it develop?
    Isn’t there ONE person in the federal government –even ONE person from that long list of Cuban-Americans listed in Babalublog.com just a coupple of weeks ago– willing/able to explain it clearly to the powers-that-be?
    Isn’t there *someone* with the wisdom to know, and to argue persuasively, that a mere half-dozen “smart bombs” (or guided missiles) sent in the direction of both Havana and Caracas can bring the whole thing to the inglorious end it deserves?
    We don’t need that long-forecast “Yankee invasion” to take place. All we need is just a “calling card* –a highly explosive calling card, that would let those cowardly tyrant bastards like fidel castro and hugo chavez know, for sure, that they are NOT going to get away with the enslavement of an entire continent.
    I sure hope that *someone* in Washington is watching the situation –and is ready to recommend action, quick and effective action– because the situation in Latin America is quickly coming to a head.
    And like a bad pimple, it must be taken care of before things continue to get worse and worse.
    Meantime, in Cuba, good people continue to suffer “actos de repudio” while in Venezuela, the government is a “complice” to the murder of children.
    Just one man’s opinion. Abajo fidel! Abajo chavez!

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