Dime con quien andas, y te diré quien eres.

The guy in the blue shirt with glasses in the photo below is Brian Becker, National Director of ANSWER Coalition, at the NYC illegal immigration protest this week. The guy on the flag to his right above him is none other than Che Guevara, the mass murdering butcher of La Cabaña and a man instrumental in the destruction of Cuba, her people, her culture, her history, and the separation of millions of Cuban families.


I’m absolutely certain Mr. Becker knows exactly who Che Guevara was and I am absolutely certain he’s not the only one so learned in that crowd. I’ll also note that on ANSWER’s website (I refuse to link to it) there are calls for the extradition of Posada Carriles to Venezuela and for the lifting of the US embargo on Cuba with no mention whatsoever of the dismal human rights record of the island’s government. There are also numerous Che tshirts you could buy on that site and again, no mention whatsoever that Che Guevara urged the use of Soviet nuclear weapons against the United States of America.

As an American I am insulted. As a Cuban I am disgusted. And there is absolutely no way in hell that I , in good conscience, could support a cause that so blatantly espouses such anti-Americanism.

No way in hell.

Oh, and one more thing. Find me a Cuban flag on that ANSWER poster in that picture that reads “Full rights for ALL Immigrants.”

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  1. Well, the problem is, for the ANSWER crowd, if you fled the tyrrany and misery of modern Cuba, you are not an immigrant. You are a “traitor who abandoned the socialist paradise with 100% literacy and the world’s finest health care.”

  2. I think the fact that you can buy Che t-shirts on their site shows that these people have absolutely no credibility in any context.

    Not to mention that damn poster.

  3. Remember kids, that international Action-Answer is a front group for the communist World Workers Party. They don’t want you to know that. But we do. Do a Google on ANSWER+front

    As always, los comunistas hasta en la sopa are always involved.

    Take heed.

  4. Problem #1: If you sneak in, you’re not an “immigrant” you’re an “illegal”, and your ass is outa here if and when caught. (If only!)

    Problem #2: You illegals can’t legally vote here. So who cares what you like or don’t like?

    Problem #3: COMMIES! KILL! KILL!

  5. These protests make me think of “pedir limosna con escopeta”

    also…ask the mexican government what happens to the rights of cuban balseros that make it to Mexico instead of Florida.

  6. One needs to distinguish the real undocumented immigrants from the communists who are trying to fish in troubled waters. It would seem that a long distance strategy of the communists is to try to overwhelm the US with endless millions of desperate immigrants, in analogy to the fall of Ancient Rome. However, the way to fight back is not only to build good fences but to support the legalization of bona fide immigrants loyal to the US.

    One would believe that these “red” idiots would be expelled from the demonstrations because their actions are contraproductive. I would like to see the real immigrants in these demonstrations singing such as “America the Beautiful” or even the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” in English.

  7. Hi, everyone ~ back from a trip and happy to log in.

    The little “immigration” video PowerLine blog put together does an expose of these creeps at ANSWER; you may have seen it already. They insert themselves in every cause, good and bad, to milk it for their nefarious ends. They so anger me that most of the time I can’t finish reading their #$%&*@!

    I still think the immigration problem is a long-term disease that no one really wants to cure, and it’s been around for such a long time, a lot of people have gotten accustomed to living with it and looking the other way. None of the politicians I see/hear have the testicles to deal with it as they should. Only a massive uprising of the taxpayers a la Boston Tea Party could bring change, in my unsolicited opinion. Plus — I don’t see counter-protests in any significant numbers; we’re lazy. The commies aren’t. Their propaganda is the only jihad I worry about.

  8. Gigi,

    I think the reason why you dont see many counter protests is that most of us have jobs and work for a living as opposed to the ANSWER folks who pefer to criticize the very same government that affords them the ability to not work and go out and protest on a weekday.

  9. I can only speak for the march that took place in Phoenix, but I didn’t not see any che t-shirts or socialist propaganda. I wouldn’t surprise if there were a couple, but there were over a 100,000 people so that is still less than 1% of the protest.

    Perhaps in NYC or in the other places the ANSWER folk were more visible, but not where I was. It is confusing the issue by tying them into what is happening here in Arizona, which might be a completely different type of protest since legislation is being passes in our state houses which is border-line lunacy.

    As I am trying to figure out why I have different views on this issue than the majority of people here, the only thing I can thing of is where I grew up.

    Being born outside of Miami and pretty much being the only cuban in my school perhaps has given me a different (please don’t read better) perspective on this issue. I know my friends and family in Miami think differently then me on a number of issues that don’t relate to Cuba.

    Either way interesting debate. If I didn’t have to actually work, I’d respond to Val’s point about how different we are from “them”. I’d argue that point until I’m blue in the face.

  10. Point well taken – but ….

    still, I have a F/T job, sick parents, house, community service, plus evening classes at the local U., to finish a second degree. But tell you this, any time there is an important rally on a cause I believe in and I find out about it, if it’s on a weekend, yo digo presente. My involvement has taught me that when people are passionate about something, they manage to show up. I don’t expect anyone with a legitimate excuse to forsake their responsibilities (I wouldn’t); however, we need to acknowledge that it IS possible to organize something at a “mutually convenient” time, and do our thing. SI SE PUEDE. I’ve marched alongside too many young moms with infants in pro-life rallies to believe otherwise.

  11. The ANSWER website also has a link asking to free the 5 Castro spies. The Herald has an article today saying that those organizing these these marches are upset at the lack of Cuban-American participation.
    How can they expect us to join these groups that support our enemies? Are they stupid or what?

  12. therealcuba-you don’t really think the fidel loving crowd at ANSWER is going to miss an opoortunity to take a swipe at Cuban Americans do you. Their pimp back in Habana wouldn’t like that.

  13. who is this therealcuba? Is that the real cuba or someone else?

    Angel, I grew up far, far away from Miami and the “cuban mafia”. Actually I grew up in PR, most of which like you support an amnesty, and I disagree with you. My husband is an immigrant from Chile, arrived here in 2000. He disagrees with you too.

    I don’t think it has to do with being Cuban, or being raised in a Cuban enclave. It’s a personal thing: you either believe in the enforcement of the law and that the end DOES NOT justify the means, or you don’t. You are either a black/white person or you believe in shades of gray. You either believe we are a homogeneous group or you don’t – by the way we are not, and Marketers are butting heads, and have been butting heads about this for the past 20 years.

    It’s just difference of opinions. I know other Hispanics/Latinos, from different countries that also oppose an amnesty perspective – and they weren’t raised in Miami either.

    I do agree that more than likely the situation in Phoenix seems different than in order states, partly probably b/c the ones marching there more than likely are illegals, and immigrants who do love and want to be part of USA.

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