Time for a music break. UPDATED

Alfredo at El Cubano Cafe posted about a video he saw while channel surfing the other day. The song is called Matanzero and the band is called Guajiro. The guitarist is a good friend of mine. I hadn’t thought of giving him a plug but Alfredo’s post reminded me to. Check out the video here. Even if you don’t like punk rock you are going to like this.

UPDATE: The song was written by a Marielito who came when he was 6 years old. Lyrics below.

Cuando era niño
Antes de haber conocido
Ya me habia ido

Un Nuevo mundo tan extraño
Mi viejos, unica familia
Ya esto no es Vida

Matanzero Soy!
No se adonde Estoy!
Yo no quiero esta vida
Y ya pronto yo me voy!

Voces del otro lado
No temes nunca una muerte orgullosa
Estamos en el mismo bote

En el pais de la oportunidad
Nada es completamente la verdad
Prefiero libertad!

Matanzero Soy!
Pronto voy a ir!
Con un machete y el sol
En mi frente,
Murir por la Patria es vivir!


5 thoughts on “Time for a music break. UPDATED”

  1. Hey Conductor, they don’t have a website, I liked them as good as I could in KillCastro but that’d be nice if they had a site.
    The link to buy their CD didn’t work from this end. But I would love to have it and I would love to help them publicize it.

  2. COOL!!!!!
    I just love how one of their songs starts off with a punk rock sample of “there is no place like home”!
    They could be an alternative to Che loving “Rage Against the Machine”! Am almost 40 but I grew up in the 80s and punk rock was part of my musical education. Sadly most of Punk is anarchist or pro communist.
    For a anti communist song from a pro commie group listen to “Holiday in Cambodia” by the Dead Kennedys. Awesome!

  3. “Rage Against the Machine”

    You gotta love L.A. rock bands who preach the communist gospel from the backseat of a limousine or the balcony of a mansion. And, there’s a Harvard connection because their guitarist Tom Morello is a Harvard graduate.

  4. Glad to see the video making the appropriate rounds – The websites are http://www.myspace.com/guajiro and http://www.guajiromusic.com – Both are fully functional and get a lot of traffic – The band is in on tour in NY – and when they return they head off to the studio for 3 weeks to record a full length – Two songs of note- “Santa Fe” – About the famous “playa” where many take their “plunge” off the island, and “Gallo” – A song about a fighting Cuban rooster that comes to Miami and becomes a champion – It is the Cuban Bad Bad Leroy Brown….

    Don’t know if you know this btw- but the members of “Rage Against the Machine” are now “Audioslave”…yes,…THE same Audioslave that played in Cuba a year or so ago – Don’t get me started…

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