It’s a good thing…

…Cuban’s have that vaunted free universal healthcare everyone raves about.

Otherwise, when an acto de repudio (act of repudiation) is forced upon someone by fidel’s Rapid Response Brigades, like the one on Marta Beatriz Roque on Tuesday, they can take their badly beaten bodies to the nearest healthcare center and get all patched up.

Of course, in the case of Roque, since she is an outspoken dissident, she isnt allowed that great free healthcare.

8 thoughts on “It’s a good thing…”

  1. What a cowardly act, what a Nazi inspired act.
    We need to find the way of putting this on the desk at the Oval Office, we need to find somebody to help us get heard in Washington, urgently. Maybe we all should e-mail Tony Snow, the new appointee in the White House, and remind him to tell the President that if Martha Beatriz were to float here on a raft she would be sent back to her tormentors. Everyone who stays silent is an accomplice of the beast…. We need more voices to join us in denouncing the atrocities of the tyranny.

  2. Charlie, I agree … but who and how? Sometimes I get so down because so many people either don’t care or refuse to see that SOB for what he is. The Hollywood left, seemingly the only way to get Americans to actually care about something are mostly rabidly pro-Castro. Look at the reviews for The Lost City … The Village Voice makes this brilliant statement,
    “Garcia’s tale bemoans the loss of easy wealth for a precious few. Poor people are absolutely absent; Garcia and Infante seem to have thought that peasant revolutions happen for no particular reason—or at least no reason the moneyed 1 percent should have to worry about.”

    Peasant revolution?

    This is what we’re up against. The constant perpetuation of leftist lies that have been repeated over and over so that they have become fact regardless of their merit.

    Sometimes I feel like giving up but I know that I can’t. Writing to Tony Snow isn’t going to help. So … what do we do? How do we make people wake up?

  3. Alisa, we need to keep on beating our opponents in the face, we need to keep on blogging, we need to keep on talking to all of our friends, acquaintaces, coworkers, people we meet at parties and barbeques, in funerals, everybody. We need to keep of spreading the truth about Cuba. A gigantic task, I know, but we need to do it, nobody will do it for us. Yes, we need to write to President Bush and to Tony Snow, and to Dick Cheney and say: please, help the Cuban people!

  4. Has this story been reported anywhere else? Why is it that we are contstantly bombarded with what is happening in Israel or Palestine or Nepal yet these events that happen only 90 miles away are never reported?

  5. Thanks, Carlie! You’re right. I shall continue to do what I can here. I guess I get depressed after reading articles like this one because so many Europeans seem to be so utterly resistant to the truth. I feel like I am screaming into a windstorm. I need a swift kick every now and again to remind me to keep fighting the good fight!

    Cuba Libre!

  6. My congratulations for Babalu Blog and the excelent work you are doing on the struggle against dictatorship in Cuba. I must tell that your blog it was the one that inspired me to start a new one in portuguese language (to brasilians, portuguese, east timor, angola, mozambique and so many other countries that speak portuguese). Click at the bottom to see the blog “Uma Cuba Livre, por Favor!”.
    Also must tell that i was one among many others here in Portugal that sincerely believed in the Cuban Revolution in the old times of Sixties. For a long period of time (even when i was member of comunist party, from 1974 to 82), i believed that cuban revolution it was a socialist revolution made for the poors and oppressed people and not for a “nomenklatura” as happened in soviet Union after Lenine´s death. I am originally very poor, a boy without father that was sent to a kind of reformatory and that suffered years of famine and bad treatment during childhood. I am not a petit bourgeois dreaming or writing about revolutions but a sincere person that believed that social and economic radical changes could benefit the most poor and oppressed.
    However nowadays i am really disapointed with what happens in Cuba and particularly with the descent to a Maesltrom of hell, nothing as the Lost Paradise they promised to the masses.
    As an artist (mostly on painting), however i always was a kind of libertarian what caused to me many confrontations with my own party, the PC mostly after the Democratic Revolution here, in 1974. I leaved the party in 1982 after three of their “security personel” threatened me and my son of 3 years old during a march against war and when i was firmly supporting a small group of young that were distributing leaflets against Brejnev missiles and those stalinist rottweiler tried to forbiden and expel them from the march.
    After these events i could see everything more clealy and started to be more concerned about situation in Cuba and focused my attention on what happened there.

    Hugs for all and a special thanks to Alisa.
    Carlos Martins

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