In my previous post I linked to a Miami Herald article highlighting ENCASA, a group of “prominent” Cuban-American “professors and artists” who have begun a public relations campaign for the lifting of the embargo and travel restrictions to the island.

I’m all for it. With the following conditions:

– That all Cuban politcal prisoners and prisoners of conscience be released immediately and granted unconditional amnesty.
– That all Cubans on the island be allowed to go wherever they please on said island. The existing system of apartheid must be eradicated immediately.
– That all Cubans be granted access to all sources of information, whether broadcast, print, or internet immediately.
– That all Cubans be granted the freedom to express their opinions freely without fear of repercussions.
– That all Cubans be allowed to travel abroad as freely as Americans or any other human being immediately.
– That all Cubans be allowed to live where they please, work where they please and seek a better life for themselves as they please immediately.
– That all Cubans be treated as equals to their foreign counterparts, including “prominent scholars and artists” from abroad.
– That all Cubans be allowed to elect their leaders through verifiable democratic elections as allowed for through the Cuban Constitution of 1940.

It’s not too much to ask.

Get to work on the above, ENCASA, and I guarantee you will have the full support of the entire Cuban-American Community. If not, shut the fuck up and let people that live in the REAL WORLD handle the real world issues.

7 thoughts on “JUST DO IT”

  1. What a bunch of fools, what a bunch of apologists, what a bunch of useful idiots for Castro and his regime.

    American policy towards Cuba and its efficacy, especially on immigration and the embargo, are entirely appropriate topics for discussion. But you really cannot debate with these folks from ENCASA because they start out with a totally indefensible, illogical position.

    They believe that Cuba and Cubans suffer not because of Castro and communism, but because of how the United States has tried to isolate the regime for more than 45 years. That position shows ignorance, willful or otherwise, about two nondisputable points:

    1) Cuba’s business dealings — the hotels, the trade deals, etc. — with Europe, Canada and others have not succeeding in liberalizing and democratizing the regime. There is still freedom for Cubans, and most still live in socialized poverty.

    2) That’s the way communist tyrants like Castro and his regime want it. No amount of American tourism or further weakening of the embargo — Are you listening, Nebraska? — will change that.

    And as long as the communists are in power in Havana, do not expect that any of those conditions will be met, for it will mean the beginning of the end of their tyranny.


  2. Here is another condition: No credit of any kind; wanna buy American? Cash-n-carry only – reasonable credit and trade incentives only to a fully democratic, freely elected sitting government.

    The ENCASE folks, these “well-meaning intellectuals” apparently can only see things through a very tight, limited, filter –which considers the problem in Cuba to be the “fault” of either the U.S. government of the “Miami Cuban Mafia.”
    Not the current tyranny that rules the island.
    That’s sad.
    And terrible, because such an approach will never work, simply because it fails to address the basic cause of the “problem in Cuba.”
    And that is, in a nutshell, that the oppressive, totalitarian regime, i.e. inept fidel castro, is *directly* responsible for the problems besieging the Cuban people *in Cuba* today.
    I think the ENCASA folks have shown, already, that they are not willing to ascribe or recognize the responsibility that the current Cuban dictatorship bears on the situation.
    Even if those of us outside of Cuba could DO everything we seek from outside the island, the situation in Havana –and in the rest of of the island– would remain unchanged, because it is under the TOTALITARIAN CONTROL OF THE COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP.
    In a land where the overwhelming majority of the people show, day in and day, through their actions, that they do NOT want communism.
    Why can these so-called “intellectuals” grasp this simple concept?
    Because they are fools. Useful fools, each and every name on that list!
    Some of them, when the time comes, will have to answer to universal justice for their collaboration with the oprobious regime. We ARE taking down names, so thanks for providing them.
    May God help them. I, for one, won’t.

  4. One of the troubles with this kind of nonsense is the propaganda and guess who is paying for it Google and yahoo:

    Google and Yahoo support Wikipedia editors who declare “Cuba is a democracy�

    After they ban dissident views (see heading at ) , the remaining contributors and editors to the Cuba section of Wikipedia reject idea that Cuba is not a democracy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Cuba. Why Google and Yahoo continue to provide support for this very partisan group raises many questions, such as does this support derive from these companies their reprehensible dealings with the Chinese Government.

  5. Val, You forgot one thing.

    The heads of Fidel and Raul Castro to be delivered to the American Special Interest offices within 24 hrs of the lifing of the embargo.

    Your dad can weld the pikes together to be mounted at the gates of the ASI building for the heads to be mounted on

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