I want to SCREAM! (Updated)

Let’s see if I can make sense of all this.

We have, as Henry posted this morning, the pro-fidel group ENCASA – a comingling of self-proclaimed scholars and artists – beginning a public relations campaign to lift the embargo and normalize relations with fidel castro’s dictatorial communist regime from way up high in their Ivory Towers.

We have editors of major metropolitan newspapers like the Miami Herald making statements like:

We fell in love with it because it had the power to change lives for the better — and we can do that on paper, on the web and over the airwaves with equal devotion.

The potential for having even greater impact than we have now is enormous.

Meaning, obviously, that it is now the journalist’s job to “change lives and have greater impact” on society as opposed to ethically, realistically and honestly covering the news. The news now, you see, must have impact. It cant simply be just “the news.” What fun would that be if you couldnt attempt to dethrone a sitting President with “fake but accurate” coverage?

And it’s many of these same “scholars” and “journalists”, sitting upon such high and mighty, self-aggrandized and self-serving perches that keep telling you, us, about the evils of the US embargo, about the evils of the travel restrictions to Cuba, about the repellance and intransigence of the Cuban-American community in South Florida, about the quaintness of Cuba as a vacation destination, about the wonders of Cuba’s healthcare system, it’s 100% literacy, its low infant mortality rate. These same “scholars” and “journalists”, whose words are eerily reminiscent – echoing, even – of their comrades in arms in Cuba, those luminaries in Cuba’s State Sponsored academia, the yes men and women of Granma, Peridodico 26, Ahora Cuba, to name a few, who sit in the luxury of their own particular freedoms with all the world at their fingertips.

Because they do, you know. Im absolutley certain that the spin doctors at the New York Times have access to the same information that those spin doctors of Granma, etal, have.

And with all information readily available, with the world at their fingertips, through their keyboards and monitors and hi-tech software and internet connections, they sit there and CREATE the news for you. Trying desperately to make an IMPACT on the way you perceive things. Trying, through their “journalism”, to spoon feed you what you are supposed to think.

Yet to any discerning and reasonable reader said impact comes though not with a bang, but with a whimper.

You want to know what real impact is?

Real journalistic impact is when that reporter is embedded against his will. When that reporter sacrifices it all to bring you the truth. When he risks his life reporting what oppessors do not want reported. And he does so by whatever means. WHATEVER MEANS.

You want to see real IMPACT in reporting?

Here it is. And here.

I am humbled and awed by those two images linked above. They are from Jaime Leygonier, one of Cuba’s many independent journalists, reporting on the arrest of Dr. Darsi Ferrer. Merely sitting down to type this report out in Cuba, on an ancient typewriter that has obviously seen its share of words, could get this man beaten and thrown in jail. His family could suffer repercussions, physical, emotional, psychological. His life could be swiftly ended for the crime of reporting the truth.

THAT, my friends, is IMPACT.

Update: The last few lines of the news story in the above links speak volumes:

FIN. (26 de abril del 2006 – Por favor no modificar el texto)
Ruego lo divulguen.

END. (26 April 2006 – Please do not modify text.)
I plead you divulge.

Full translation to follow.

7 thoughts on “I want to SCREAM! (Updated)”

  1. I’m so glad you published the reports. I have no way of posting them that I can figure out with blogger.

    I cry everytime I receive one of these, not only because of the news, but also because not even the fact that the typewriter doesn’t work well stops them. NOTHING.

    I can’t wait to sit in my “high and mighty Ivory Tower” y llevarle la contraria a estos idiotas.

  2. It might well be wise to keep and eye on something called Congresspedia [http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=SourceWatch:Find_Senators_and_Representatives],

    This seems to be a left of center spin off of Wikipedia specializing in Washington DC politics. It appears to have enough distance for “deniability” while still retaining links to its putative mother organization,

  3. It might well be wise to keep and eye on something called Congresspedia [http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=SourceWatch:Find_Senators_and_Representatives],

    This seems to be a left of center spin off of Wikipedia specializing in Washington DC politics. It appears to have enough distance for “deniability” while still retaining links to its putative mother organization,

  4. This post is all the more reason why it is fundamental for Babalublog.com have a strong presence at CubaNostalgia this year… to continue to spread the gospel of righteousness and truth from there to the rest of humanity through other friendly portals in the blogosphere.
    Solo la verdad nos pondra la toga viril, said Jose Marti. I still believe in that.
    And *la verdad* (the truth!) will trump, every time, the lies and half-truths being spouted by all those Useful Idiots and comunistoides Fellow Travelers.

  5. The men and women of Cuba’s independent press, in and out of prison, are heros. They are my heros as fellow journalists, and they are my heros as Cubans.

    They love their country, and they want it to be free, but their only agenda is to report and write the stories that tell the truth about their nation. Of course, that conflicts with the agenda of the dictatorship, which has brought them much persecution and repression. How the periodistas have carried on despite the odds and the very real threat that they will lose what little freedom they have, is amazing. It is my responsibility, but more than that, my honor, to tell their stories via my “March 18 Project.”

    Anytime we get frustrated about how it seems no one is paying attention to what we write on our blogs, we should remember our hermanos and hermanas on the island. They have it much worse than us, yet they do give up. They remain defiant and committed to their calling as storytellers. They are the true dreamers and the true heros.

  6. Adding insult to injury, I saw a news piece on Fox news last night about the Canadian and Chinese explorations for oil under license from Cuba 50 miles from Key West. The guy they were interviewing was spewing some crap about how it could have been the U.S. doing this had it not been for Jeb, the Floridians and that pesky embargo.

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