It’s the embargo’s fault, stupid!

El bloqueo:

Police prevent dissident from attending meeting

PINAR DEL RIO, Cuba, May 4 (Rafael Ferro Salas, Abdala Press / – Members of the political police took Roldeny Chávez Montesino, 24, to the station and prevented him from attending a meeting of the Melinda Gates Democratic Cuban Foundation, of which he’s a member.

“They detained me without justification of any type and questioned me about the meeting I was going to attend,” he said. “I was going to a course on Communication and Transition given by the Melinda Gates Foundation.”

Chávez Montesino said he has belonged to the organization for four years.

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  1. It’s well known in Cuba that Bill and Melinda hate fidel. They should sic their lawyers on him, the whole country’s running on pirated Microsoft products! Maybe that helps kagasstro to unload those pesky 900 million bucks really fast!

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