I’ve been asked many times why I blog about Cuba. Why I care? After all, I wasn’t born in Cuba and I’ve never been there. I received the email below and I think it explains why I find this rewarding (translation by me).

My father fought against [f]idel in Cuba during the 60s, he spent a year working clandestinely in Havana and had to seek asylum in the Mexican embassy because if the G2 [Cuban intelligence] would have caught him they would have shot him since they had already shot another from his group, my father’s second wife was imprisoned in Guanajay and was part of a large group of women that escaped, the escape became famous (she has since died), for 14 years I waited for an exit visa but [f]idel was punishing me because of my father and did not give the authorization for me to leave, I could not study what I wanted because I was not “Revolutionary” and I came in 80 and I don’t intend to return to Cuba (although I long to see my mother country) until the tyrant has disappeared and Cuba has a democratic system and a government selected by the people. I still believe that U.S. and we Cubans are too soft with the TOTALITARIAN system prevails in Cuba and I pray to God that before my father dies that he can see a free Cuba.

Thank you,

Name withheld [by me]