9 thoughts on “Why my head spins.”

  1. Let it suffice to say that the UN has once again discredited itself. It is now a useless organ, like an appendix. It can only cause infection and death.

  2. The useless puss filled organ should be excised and disposed of as hazardous material. Anybody else feel the need to break something?

  3. Once again, those corrupt United Numbskulls prove that the best thing that could happen is for the city of NY to once for all raze the place and recover its desperately-needed parking space.

  4. Cuba gets one. And, back in 2001 they kicked the US off and put the Sudan it it’s place. The Sudan. Where slavery and civil war are still taking place.

    If this were a case of trying to shame a perpetrator into better behavior, I’d still disagree, but at least I’d understand. No, I can’t even give that move that much credit.

    The terrible thing is, the UN is capable of so much good… if only they’d try

  5. Folks,

    This is totally ridiculous! They were among the highest vote getters. Is the US any part of this group?

    Let’s put Satan in Charge of the Vatican.
    The Mafia in charge of Law enforcement agencies.
    Hitler in charge of Jewish associations.

  6. Co~no Guys!
    Today’s Cuba… in a HUMAN RIGHTS panel…?
    This is f…ing incredible!
    But in the case of the United Nations, what else can you expect?
    No wonder *no one* respects the institution!
    We should kick them the hell out of New York… maybe they can set up shop in… wherever… ANYWHERE but here!
    Oh, and by the way… Abajo fidel!

  7. They belong in Darfur, let them get a birds eye view of their advocacy. Did I expect better from the UN? No, but wouldn’t it be great if just once they surprised us and acted like they had a conscience.

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