4 thoughts on “Cuba: The great social experiment in equality”

  1. After 47 years of absolute control, the Cuban government is *still* abusing blacks and oppressing people of color.
    Why is it so difficult for individuals like Maxine Waters and Jesse Jackson to see and understand the situation?
    Why is it so easy, apparently, for all those “black churches” in the U.S. to ignore such shameful reality?
    God only knows.
    May God help them see the truth.

  2. Very true – and it does point out the hypocrisy of Afro Americans and their fetish with Fidel Castro – a white Galician. But the article loses some legitimacy because it does come from the Washington Times and however excellent the paper is on Cuban issues it is still owned by Rev. Sun Young Moon who is not too cool.

  3. Dear mandingo,
    I live in the Washington, DC area, so if I want to read a daily newspaper, my choice is limited to the Washington Post or the Washington Times.
    Over the past 23 years, I have been a subscriber to both, at some time or another. In fact, I have subscribed to both newspapers more than once.
    Unfortunately, I simply can’t stomach the policies and stilted liberal coverage of the Post. The most I can tolerate is to see selected portions of the online edition.
    Just as unfortunately, I have experienced *horrendous* delivery problems with the Washington Times in my neck of the woods. Even telephone calls to higher ups on the “delivery chain” failed to solve the problem, so I no longer read the Times.
    Why do you think Moon is “not too cool”?
    He may be just that, but I seriously doubt that Moon is involved in the day-to-day running of the editorial coverage.
    And they do have some names involved in the publishing operation that command a lot of respect in journalism.
    In any case, I simply ain’t going back to the Post, regardless of how many special offers they send us “Washingtonians” on an almost daily basis.

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