4 thoughts on “Friday Video”

  1. Very smelly. It captures the essence of Castro’s dysfunctional dystopia.

    Its cool – but I bet there are those who look at this and say “Wow, Cuba is so quaint!”

    I mean there are those who think Cuba was always like that and they can’t realize the decay of the urban fabric as well as of the soul in Cuba.

  2. That is AWESOME! One of the best things, of any kind, I have ever seen. I am totally awed. i wish i could make one of those with my Caracas pictures. By the way, I liked it because it showed the reality Cubans live under, yet showed no filthy stinking fidel who’s sought to impose his image on everything Cuban. He needs to be written right out of Cuban reality and I think that is the central message of this movie. It was a powerful film and I love it.

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