Riddle me this…

If the revolution is so perfect and every Cuban supports it so wholeheartedly, why does every block in every neighborhood in Cuba need a Committee for the Defense of the Revolution?

6 thoughts on “Riddle me this…”

  1. Psssttttt!
    Listen up, and listen good.
    Here’s the big, ugly secret:
    The “robolution” is not *so* perfect…
    But of course, to know that, one has to have lived under it… or lived with people who lived under it.
    Because, unfortunately, that state of affairs just cannot be detected from Ivory Towers outside the island-prison.
    Pass the word.
    Abajo fidel!

  2. Well, if you listen to those who spend their days defending che guevara, intimidation and violence are justified as long as they advance the revolution.

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