Everyone….. Start Looking!

Via The Manila Bulletin Online, and I also saw this live on the news yesterday:

Cuba’s Castro says he’ll resign if proven he has money in Swiss bank accounts

HAVANA (AP) — Cuban President Fidel Castro said he’ll resign the day critics prove he has money in foreign accounts, in a special television appearance to rebut a Forbes magazine report naming him one of the world’s wealthiest rulers.

The 79-year-old leader said Monday on the communist government’s daily public affairs program Mesa Redonda, or “Round Table,” that he has showed throughout his life that he’s uninterested in material possessions.

“Why would I want money, especially now that I’m going to be 80 years old?” Castro said. “Why would I want money now, if I never wanted it before?”

He called the report “rubbish,” saying “all this makes me sick.”

In its May 5 article, “Fortunes Of Kings, Queens And Dictators,” Forbes put Castro in 7th place in a group of 10 world leaders with “lofty positions and vast fortunes.”

The magazine estimated Castro’s personal wealth to be $ 900 million (euro700 million) — nearly double that of the $ 500 million (euro390 million) of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and just under Prince Albert II of Monaco’s estimated $ 1 billion (euro780 million).

The article also referred to rumors of Castro having “large stashes in Swiss bank accounts.”

“I’ve been listening to this wickedness for nearly half a century — I don’t pay much attention,” said Castro, dressed in his trademark olive green military uniform. “Neither lies nor slander are worth anything.”

Yet later on the program, which lasted four-and-a-half hours, Castro pounded the table emotionally, saying, “If they can prove I have an account abroad … containing even one dollar I will resign my post.”

In explaining its calculations, Forbes said it assumed Castro has economic control over a web of state-owned companies including a convention center, a retail conglomerate and an enterprise that sells Cuban-produced pharmaceuticals.

Central Bank President Francisco Soberon said, however, that all the money made from those companies is pumped back into the island’s economy, into sectors including health, education, science, security, defense and solidarity projects with other countries.

Forbes acknowledged in its article that the estimates for all the leaders are “more art than science.”

So now that we know, let’s all start looking!

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  1. He probably doesn’t have money in Switzerland; he probably does have it in any number of countries with tougher banking privacy laws. Panama is one of many that exceed Switzerland in their draconian regulations regarding financial privacy and disclosure. So, if he specifically said “Swiss bank accounts,” then it’s a trick, folks.


  2. Testy, testy, aren’t we? Seems the kagaSStro doth protest too much – smokescreening, if you will. But where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    His mentor adolph tried portraying himself as a simple man of no wealth, who was also not interested in material possessions…conveniently neglecting to mention, for example, the nice royalties he received from the sales of “Mein Kampf” through the Eher Verlag publishing house. As it was essentially mandatory for every German household to have at least 1 copy of that “work,” he did fine.

    Liars, parasites, and thieves, all of them.


  4. Does this pansy fidel think we are stupid?
    He doesn’t have to have a Swiss Bank account to be the billionair he is – he owns the ENTIRE ISLAND OF CUBA which is worth more than Swiss Bank accounts. His real wealth is not so much in bank money but in the real estate that he stole in 1959!!!! Doesn’t anyone see this? MY GOD – Cuba is not only a dictatorship but it is a SERFDOM in the old reactionary tradition of the Middle Ages. Sure Castro makes everyone think he has no money – he doesn’t need to carry any – he just takes what he wants from the enormous reserve that is called CUBA! He has all the houses he wants all the fincas all the cars and boats all the hotels and beaches and everything. What he says goes. Castro is not only the longest ruler/dictator but also he is the richest real estate developer / destroyer in the world! So he gives us this farce that he will resign if there are Swiss Bank accounts under his name. DUH! That is where the scam is! Do you actually think there is a Swiss Bank acount called SB#3739839Fidelcastro? Of course not!He does have Swiss accounts but they are under other names and those of fake companies.

  5. I believe he has a lot of money in spanish banks under his sons and daughters names. I have heard stories of his assistants taking suit cases full of money to Spain. I have also heard that the castro family owns real estate in spain. And like another person posted he owns the entire damn island!!!!

  6. Just for the fun of it, maybe somebody should open an account in his name and put a dollar in it.

  7. The slimey AP, that Vanessa Arrington creep, made sure to insist that the Forbes numbers were not accurate, taking the ‘more art than science’ remark out of context. Those numbers are as accurate as any can be, and are fully stated to be estimates. Forbes spends a whole year calculating these fortunes and Vanessa spends 15 minutes writing her crummy castroite propaganda. She should be ashamed of herself, she is an ignoramus and a castro apologist.

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