CubaNostalgia 2006: Day 1

The 2006 CubaNostalgia Convention officially opens at 11 AM. The Mrs and I have been here since 8:30 doing the final setup and finishing touches on the exhibit. The Pitbull came by just now and set up our wireless network so we are up and running!

A huge thanks to all of those that helped make this possible,whether physically helping out in one way or another or through your donations. I am humbled by all the support we’ve gotten this year. Thanks, guys. You all make all the work worthwhile.

I’ve a couple little things here and there that I need to get done, so I’ll be back a bit later.

Let the games begin…

9 thoughts on “CubaNostalgia 2006: Day 1”

  1. One more thing guys, my mom has no clue about my blogging so I will be introducing myself on a first name basis. So when you see someone with their mother introducing themselves like they are some lost friend, that’s me!!!!!

    In any case Val can let you know who the heck I am.

  2. The current temperature in Miami at approx. 11 a.m. is a balmy 79 degrees, with winds coming out of the WNW at 7 mph and humidity is 45% (good hair weather)! The weekend looks clear with highs in the 80’s! Welcome to Miami. Cuba Nostalgia is ready for take-off.

  3. Wanted to tell you all who have never attended Cuba Nostalgia that every year they have a new poster commemorating the event and they are always beautiful. I have about 4-5 myself that I have collected over the years ever since it started. So, if you enjoy collecting posters or just love art, especially Cuban art, don’t forget to pick one up. They are free. Also, La Liga Contra El Cancer usually has beautiful lithographs signed by the artist for a donation. You can look for those as well.

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