My feet are killing me

Cuba Nostalgia wrapped up last night. All of us were very heartened by the warm response we received from fellow anti-castro readers. We were able to get about 200 more signatures on the open letter. Feel free to use this post as an open-thread for any or all comments.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by the booth and met with us.

4 thoughts on “My feet are killing me”

  1. Great seein’ and meetin’ all of you – and thanks to all for the hard work, dedication, and all of that good stuff.

    Kinda wish La Reina Dirty had shown up while I was there – would have serenaded her, albeit poorly, with a little ditty remembered from carefree kid days in Havana – “A esconderse, que viene la basura!”

  2. Thank you guys for all the work you put into this to inform people about the REAL Cuba. I have been checking out all of the pictures and it looks amazing.

  3. Val,
    It was great to meet you. I brought my 11 year old daughter with me and it turned out to be a great history lesson for her and myself, too. She asked me “What is communism?” and “What did castro do that is bad?” and “Who is that guy with the bullet in his head?”. We discussed the Bay of Pigs, Operation Pedro Pan, and freedom. I was a young adult when I asked my mom “What is communism” and she suggested I read “Witness” by Whittaker Chambers and that created a spark that became a fire when I moved to Florida and saw Cubans trying to reach our shores live on t.v. The understanding that came with seeing the risk taken for a dream of freedom moved me so much. Although “Witness” is a little hefty for my daughter, perhaps “Animal Farm” would be a good choice to kindle the spark.

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