A few Questions for Ana Menendez

Ms. Menendez,

I have a few questions for you about the inane drivel you wrote in The Miami Herald today.

How do you think that all those exhibits get created if it’s not for corporate sponsorship?

How do you think the rent for the facilities gets paid if there aren’t corporate sponsors?

How do you think exhibitors would come to Cuba Nostalgia if they couldn’t sell their wares?

How many of the tens of thousands of people that attended the event do you think feel the same as you, and how many think you are just a stupid pinko bitch?

As for courage, it takes no courage to throw stones at us from 1 Herald Plaza. You are definitely not a trailblazer in attacking the Cuban-American community. Those of us who might wear a t-shirt with a bullet-riddled Che Guevara don’t claim to be courageous. We just have a message we want to communicate, and that is that the man should not be idolized. I don’t know why I’m even explaining this to you. It’s obvious that you are beyond hope.

Enjoy your life as a miserable hater.

Perhaps next year you can save yourself the $12 and stay far far away.

6 thoughts on “A few Questions for Ana Menendez”

  1. Every museum I’ve ever been to has had a gift shop within. Does this mean they are all profitting off the backs of the patrons as well? Get real, Anna. It takes money to put on these programs. Do you think Kastro is going to come off any of his 900M to help out?

  2. These wrong-side-of-the-brain “thinkers” all believe that because goods and services are provided through “government,” somehow that makes them “free” and “egalitarian.” There is a cost – there is always a cost. In the case of Cuba, all the “free egalitarian government goodies” are paid for by the slave labor of its citizens, who have no choices. On the other hand, Ms. Menendez has choices. Next year, she can choose to stay home.

  3. I read this lady’s article and I think she got hung up on the fact that money was being made and completely missed the point. Val did a good job in his last post of pointing out what the event was really for. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go (work/school/friend’s wedding) but the pictures look amazing. I would have no problem paying $12. (or more) What better way is there to spend that money?

  4. Henry,
    Ana Menendez was one of the Herald reporters who signed the petition requesting that the obnoxious Jim DeFede be rehired at the Herald after he was fired. DeFede was notorious for attacking the Cuban exile community. It should not surprise you that Menendez has followed in his footsteps.

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