A message for Ana Menendez

Because Ms. Menendez went to Cuba Nostalgia and failed to see the forest for the trees. The following is an email I received from a Babalú reader who attended the convention:

Hi Val,

Thanks again for the t-shirts and the cigar, it was a pleasure to meet you and George on Saturday and to see how successful your effort was this year at the Cuba Nostalgia. I have never gone before and I really liked it did not know what I was missing, enjoyed the band show too (by the way, there where some good looking ladies watching the band play).

Definitively will be attending next year.

I also got to sent an e-mail to Cuba with George’s help…I wonder if you have gotten any replies from the SOB in Havana or any of his cronies.

I also got to meet Felix Rodriguez and to contribute (bought another hat to add to my collection) to the Brigade 2506 Museum effort.

Also took advantage and bought some beautiful color prints from the Cuban countryside that I already mounted on frames and will adorn my new salt-waterfront home in Cape Coral when is completed later this year.

Like I told you and George, I work for (a) Cruise Lines for the last 13 years as a software engineer in the I.T. Department in (Broward). I read the blog on the daily basis and have spread the word among other Americans that I meet on cruises in order to educate them about the reality in Cuba that you don’t get from the MSM.

The closest I gotten to Cuba in the last 34 years that I’ve been in the states is to watch the coastline from these cruise ships when I travel on vacation, that’s all. More than half of my family still there that I have not seen in all this time.

By the way, I have a piece of interesting news for you:

I have a cousin in Spain that is seeking some sort of asilum there (they sent her on a seminar and she’s staying) and spoke to her for a long time on Monday morning.

She told me things that gave me hope since I didnot get to talk much of these things in detail when I used to call her to Cuba (in order not to get her in trouble).

According to her, everyone in the island is so feed up to their necks with Castro, so totally tired of him and his system that is not even funny anymore.

She has friends in the military that cannot stand him any longer and all they’re waiting for is for Castro to kick the bucket. Basically saying that almost nobody in Cuba still is Comunist or believe in that bullshit Revolution of him for that matter.

So la historia no lo absolvera, that’s guarantee.

I felt much better and a sense of hope after she said that. Because now I sense more than ever (even thought I always felt that way) that the system will colapse after his death because the people will loose the fear of him that they still possess.

Having said that, nobody there still has the balls to kill him yet but, I do agree with her that Castro has so much security around him now that no one can get close to him.

I also know this guy in the islands that owns a cigar store (he’s not Comunist, thought). He’s Venezuelan married to a Cuban lady there in Cuba trying to get her out of the island now along with the little daughter that he has with her.

He has gone to Cuba to those cigar dinners events that Castro sponsors and basically told me the same thing:

This guy said that at the event Castro’s table is totally surrounded by a ring of big “Orientales” bodyguards. That there is at least a four tables belt that no one can get even close to, and, when Fidel leaves the building, nobody can exit the building until half an hour later at the least.

Muy cousin also told me that the ones still defending his revolution are really scare of what is going to happen next because they know they’re in big trouble (I guess those are the ones beating the dissidents).

And those masses are the events are the victims of Castro’s blackmailing within his society but at the end he has no real support among them as well.

Almost no one believes in him anymore (how interesting…but not surprising).

So I guess the only ones still believing in him are some of these idiots in Latin America, Europe, Hollywood and the MSM.

I guess that forty seven years of bullshit lying, paredons, inhumman and injust imprisonings, all kinds of human rights abuses to the people and a complete failure of a system has finally taken a toll on all the Cubans.

Now, I’m picturing more that ever:

Una vez que se muera el perro, se acabo la rabia.

That’s for sure what’s going to happen there. So we must keep the hope alive more that ever.

Like I was telling Mr. Moneo Saturday, some day (sometime soon within the next two years) when we are least expecting, someting is going to happen to that son-of-a-bitch that makes him kick the bucket and the champagne will start to flow like rivers here in Miami.

So take care, good luck, continue the good fight, keep blogging the truth to the world, that is definitively making a difference.

Always keep a bottle of champagne handy at home for when the Freedom day arrives. It may be sooner that we think.

Send my regards to George too.

Oh, and one other thing, Ms. Menendez, some people – like you – are perfectly content to live on this city, while others – like all of those who visited and enjoyed the Cuba Nostalgia Convention – prefer to live in it.

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  1. Amén to all of the above! Val, it was a pleasure and an honor to meet you and the rest of the Babalú extended family at Cuba Nostalgia. My only regret is that I didn’t get a chance to spend more time with you all. See you again next year!

  2. Good piece…as for killing the beast, now, this is just a good story, not meant to be a primer for political assassination…many years ago I had a colleague, whom I will describe as a gentleman and a scholar. He was a WWII vet, having served with the 84th Infantry Division (“Railsplitters”) in Europe – ’44-’45. After the war, he worked in the Keys, becoming acquainted with Cuban expats (at that time, not yet EXILES) –
    as he put it, “great people, I became very fond of them.”

    When he found out he was terminally ill, already having had a lung removed, he confided to me a kind of fantastic, yet ingenious, idea for killing kaSStro, whom he hated with a passion. “Suppose,” he said, “I had some plastic explosive implanted in my chest cavity, where my lung was; then make a detonator to resemble a pacemaker or something like that. Then contact Cuban authorities, make out I was a dying veteran, a fervent admirer of castro, who wished to meet the great man before it was too late. My ‘medical equipment’ could be explained away as needed for my condition. Then if I got to shake hands with him, would give him one of those Cuban-type hugs and…”

    I remember telling him that, even if he could find the means to have all this paraphernalia made/implanted, and actually get to travel to Cuba and meet the ungreat creature, what have you, it was not worth losing him even to kill that degenerate. Still – what a noble, creative, and courageous idea…

  3. Menendez is the worst type of Cuban – American. I know lots like her. The women who are resentidas and ashamed of being Cuban American are the worse. She is basically ashamed of being Cuban. So she didn’t like some of the things she saw at Cuba Nostalgia? So what you dumb bimbo? Get a life! Take it with a grain of salt – there are many things I don’t like about my people – but I don’t go and advertise it on a major American paper like the Herald so more stupid stereotypes can be formed about us from non Cubans. I keep it to myself our amongst my Cuban friends. Entre nous. You Ana are the problem – not some old timey kitchty funny Cuban booth that is corny but harmless. I love all those Cubanazo things and I would trade all the upper west side NPR listening new york city tredny stores and “culture” to live in Miami and drink cortaditos all day long. She always says something negative about the Cuban American community like she is somehow ashamed that her Anglo college or MSM friends are going to peg her as a memeber of the Republican Miami Mafia! She is so ashamed – so what if we talk louder and use our hands more than her snobby Ivy leauge pals?
    I saw Menendez at a Cuban American book reading in New York once – she was so full of it – she kept on thinking she was some literary great – when in reality she was a spoiled big mouthed bore who really needs a good Cuban husband to put her in her place. Who gives a crap if she went to India and Afganistan as she kept on bragging. The problem with this chick is that she got to where she got in the MSM by dissing her own people. In my book that constitues a whore and a traitor. Maybe she and La Queen Dirty should hook up.

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