Oh, Mexico!

Via El Confeti, Cubanet reports that the Mexican government has deported 57 rafters back to fidel castro’s island prison.

Such is the absolute hypocrisy of the Mexican government. They publish pamphlets to teach Mexicans exactly how to enter the US illegally and then jail and deport Cuban refugees back to the island. And what sticks in my craw even more is that we Cubans, as their “hispanics” or “latinos” brothers, are supposed to accept the mistreatment of these Cuban balseros and then join in and support their protests for amnesty and whatnot.

Message to President Bush and Co: Screw Amnesty. Send their asses back to Mexico, where as Mexican citizens and unlike Cubans in Cuba, they can freely elect a government of their choice to ameliorate and improve their living conditions.

6 thoughts on “Oh, Mexico!”

  1. Right on! And if they do not want to take back their trespassin’ denizens, ’cause that’s what they are, may I humbly and respectfully suggest to the What Hows the implementation of…”Operation Pershing.” Simply put, a blitz-like push, which should be like a hot machete through queso crema, into Mexico – create a 50-mile deep buffer zone into which would be brought all the deportees, no matter where from. There they would be temporarily penned in relatively comfortable conditions (no worse than the ones our guys and gals endure in Iraq) until such time as the Mexican authorities took them back; maintenance costs to be charged right back to Mexico. No pay? Seize all oil regions and other mineral-bearing areas, extract payment that way. Uncle leaves only when and if the Mexican government acknowledges that, as the creator of the problem, it must provide the solution and does so.

    Harsh? Time to deal harshly with hypocritical, failed states and their double-talking (mis)governments. Mexicans should also be asking themselves: Why is it that we have to abandon our homes and families to seek a better life elsewhere when we should be able to find it right at home? Cubans are often accused of “not staying behind to fight castro.” Well, throwing this back now: maybe it’s time for Mexicans not to be so quick to run for the border and stay behind, throw down the bad government which is screwing up their lives.

    This piss somebody off? Tough! I’m pissed at waffling politicians here at home and their “political correctness,” with their all-too-willing eagerness to grant “amnesty.” No amnesty.
    There’s an election coming up in November, Mr. and Mrs. Politico. Better pay attention! Immigration by the book, yes. Amnesty? No! Get the message.

  2. Hijos de puta. It should be very clear to all that Mexico is not our ally. No support on Iraq, they bad mouth us in Latin America, and they are so mismanaged and corrupt that they can’t even care for their own. The kicker is that they expect us to do it for them. Everyone hates the US until they need something. When the new Cuba comes, we will remember these instances. Where was Mexico when 57 Cubans needed refuge? Where was the world when 75 Cuban patriots were languishing in prison? These are questions that will be asked.

  3. I agree totally. For 18 months I have been trying to get my wife legally out of Cuba and legally into the USA…and the process drags on without resolution(the bottleneck right now is on the US side). And yet an economic migrant from Mexico can walk across the f**king border and be in the United States in less time than it takes for me to tie my shoes.

  4. Not only do I agree with you, Val, I think that it’s the only way we’ll ever see real positive change inside Mexico. As long as it’s so damned easy to just cross the border to find better conditions in the US, there’s no incentive for Mexicans to address the corruption in their own government.

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