This is what happens…

…when you’re young and dumb.

Seventeen year old Huey Freeman knows everything and anything about Che Guevara, fidel castro, la revolucion, etc..etc..

Another vicarious communist, promoting the Cuban revolution from the comforts and freedoms of the evil imperialist US of A, complete with computer, air conditioning, Nintendo and waaaaayyyy too much time on his hands.

Here’s a question for you, Huey: Which way are the rafts heading?

Hat tip: Enrique.

24 thoughts on “This is what happens…”

  1. Someone should get this kid and all the ones who have posted comments agreeing with him and change their names to Cuban names, and drop them in Cuba and have them live their lives as the Cubans that Ché and Castro freed from the claws of capitalism.

  2. “Che wanted to go off in Argentina first (instead of Bolivia) but that was crazy at the time because of Peron.”

    Peron was in exile from 1955-73 so obviously our young blogger should be excused for having a inadequate grasp of history. Ignore him.

  3. from another post of his defining his view of communism…

    “the majority of the proletariat are too stupid to think for themselves”

  4. Arghhhhhhhh!!!!
    Por Dios, qu’e comemierda!!!
    Why can’t people of this ilk come up with the BALLS to actually GO TO CUBA and try to LIVE there like the “regular folks,” even for a short while, so they can discover for themselves what a “glorious system” castroism really is?
    What an idiot!
    I hope this guy never stands in front of me and spouts off such shameless bullshit, because I would have a truly difficult time containing myself from slapping the shit out of him…
    And yes, I am a Christian and I’m suppossed to turn the other cheek and yada-yada-yada… but I simply cannot live up to those ideals when it comes to these ignorant fools.
    A real asshole. And he has put it all in writing, for the whole world to see…

  5. Going to that page and reading the post and comments was like entering a Bosch painting (Hieronymus not Orlando) while simultaneously eating peyote, taking LSD, smoking a joint and drinking beer. I may need to gargle my brain with bourbon — a proudly bourgeois drink — later to remove the taste.

  6. I guess that goes to show you what kind of political debate comes out of Myspace. These kids are clueless.

  7. One of the puzzles about the Che Guevara is that in the Sierra he acted as if he had already executed before. Foreigners are often used as executioners because they identify less with their victims. That would fit his profile as the only non-Cuba arriving on the Granma. Does anybody know a reference to Che Guevara’s involvement in Arbenz’s executions in Guatemala?

  8. I was thinking of responding to this moron and try to educate his mushy mind but those of his ilk are typically uninterested in facts. Why let facts and truth get in the way of a “good” story? I hope someone kicks his ass, though. Sounds like he needs it.

  9. This kid is an excellent example of the chaotic nature of education in the U.S. That’s why a college degree today is about the equivalent of what a high school degree was back in the 1950s.

  10. Uh, it’s the embargo’s fault. Wait, every other country in the world trades with Cuba, so that excuse is implausible? BUT…it must be George Bush’s fault SOMEHOW…

  11. I can’t take this guy seriously – he can’t even write correctly.

    Amind is a terrible thing to waste.

  12. Val dude! Che is totally radical and utmost righteous. Like I have this cool t-shirt with Che’s picture, and chicks really dig it man. Like even Jorge, the cabana boy at dad’s country club totally dug it…he was thumbs up. Just like Che I believe in equality and all, and like I think he had some really cool ideas. I even bought myself a bike, because of that movie that totally rocks. I even put a picture decal on my new Audi A4 (that’s A-cuatro for you Spanish dudes).

    Hey, Jorge dude, get me a towel!

    Hasta bye, bye, Huey.

  13. “Everyone is entitled to his own opinions but not to his own facts.”

    Daniel Patrick Monynihan

    But not all opinions are equally valid — indeed, some of them are downright stupid. This kid and his Che-adoring ilk are idiots.


  14. I loved how Jenn got all indignant about how people could hate other latinos while continuing to toss around the term “gusano”.

  15. As soon as you step into his page you realize the kid’s a twit! If he can’t make the page display properly, then he’s not too bright. And the colors? Yeesh!

    And the prose? The disjointed “facts” that are wrong? Oy!

    Let’s hope that he will grow out of his Stupid phase, and soon!

    As Rush likes to say, “Young minds full of mush!”

  16. ive been arguing with these commies on myspace for almost 6 months and they through the same story repeatidly…i’ve argued with them numerous of times with facts and evidence …and all they can return with is ” im lying” im a member of the “gusano mafia” all this crap, while i continue to press the facts i have educated some of them but this huey character is very strong with his ideas …many of these people that are che fans get there view of him through motorcycle diaries where then think che is a man of peace and is “uniting latin america” ….some of these kids are victims of american liberal teachers who see this movie or learn of che and teach of him as if he was jesus…( i had a political economy teacher try to tell me about che, i swiftly told him the facts about che showed him evidence, and he nicely shutted up because he didnt know what he was talking about.

    ive argued with them on there forums
    where on myspace the have 1797 members ! there is that many ignorant fools !

    in retaliation of this my fellow cubans and i made a group called ” no che , no fidel”

    where they continue to press and spam our forum from time to time… because they cant handle the fact that they cant censor us.

    its nice to finally see some of this heated battle , i check this website almost daily and i love the job babalublog does to inform and spread the information on cuba…

    -always peter

    Viva Cuba Libre !

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