11 thoughts on “Ummm…”

  1. Will someone just shoot these guys? Thier outfits are colorful enough and can serve as targets.

    Are they also into human sacrifice like their ancestors?

  2. Can we send them to join “representative” Sir Ano of Brooklyn in Uranus, I mean, that new planet just discovered – Theiranus? Galactically speaking, they’re not Black Holes, just Ass Holes. This means they fit right in with that way-out-in-space jackass party here on Earth.

  3. This reminds me of a routine that Franken and Davis did years ago called “Dumb Swedes on the Warpath”.

  4. I guess fidel couldn’t afford one of those cool hats since he doesn’t have a dollar to his name.

  5. poor old Fidel, the selfless tyran- I mean 10-time elected democratic President has been wearing the same moldy olive green Revolutionary duds since 1959. The rest of his meager fortune he spends on jets, mansions and Iranian and Chinese missiles.

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