Hiccups (Updated)

Babalu Blog has the hiccups. If you tried to comment sometime after yesterday afternoon, you will have gotten a 404 error. We’re working on fixing the problem. Hopefully comments will be back up soon.

Update: Just received a response from the folks Verve Hosting – who, incidentally, are awesome as they always respond to any issues or questions I have immediately – and have been told that they disabled the trackbacks and comments becuase of a major spike in comment and trackback spam. We have a few tweaks to make to the system and hopefully they will be back up and running by the end of the day.

If any of you are considering starting yur own blog or just need a great web hostfor your internet page or blog, I highly recommend Verve Hosting. Babalu has been up for three years now on their servers and has never been down or never had any serious issues. Tell them I sent you.

Update II, ten minutes later: Comments and Trackbacks are back up. See? Now what was I saying about Verve Hosting?