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  1. I am always amazed at the staggering amount of idiots that ungratefully live in this country. I wonder how much alternative teaching is allowed in those “non-neo-liberal” countries. What a dumb-ass.

  2. I read where he mentions teaching kids “several languages” and thought… “well I guess that’s a good way to change the curriculum”… then he said is…


    Good God. I don’t have time for this. I have to go study my Aramaic. It’ll come in handy eventually.

  3. I didn’t know (until I read this) that Nahuatl was the language of nature. Next time I see a rattlesnake, I’ll be sure to tell it to please leave me alone in Nahuatl. And I’m sure it will comply.

  4. This is guy is an Assholian – the same way there are Shakespearean scholars – this guy is a scholar of assaholia. Just for being an asshole he should be deported back to Mexico. Jesus, he’a not even an American! Better yet, lets send him to Cuba – I bet he’ll like that.

    He is what my mom would call a “maricon”.

  5. There is enough material there for a stand up comedian to do a “Just how fucked up is California?” routine. By the way, is the dingbat wearing a bullseye on his cap?

  6. Malkin has been posting about this school for the past two days; one reporter even got attacked for doing a report saying the school was separatist.

  7. Ventanita,

    I was updating the post as you were commenting. I read it at Michelle’s yesterday and was gathering thoughts for a piece on it. I ended up with the exact same thought as the title of this post.

  8. This is typical of some of the folks living in this country who feel marginalized totally. And then I read teaching them Nahuatl. He’s such a stupid person teaching them Nahuatl was the language spoken by all Native Americans in Mexico. He is among the hundreds of thousands coming here from Mexico with a chip on their shoulders. Let’s thank Kennedy et al.

  9. By the way, some of our Mexican-American students who graduated and went on to UCLA and Stanford have changed as a consequence of the professors encountered in those institutions. So much that instead of speaking English without a Mexican accent, they have acquired one, besides being radicalized by these ingratiates of our educational system.

  10. There are a lot of putrid losers from that corner of the world and they feed off each other. One of these crapfish said illegal aliens should play hooky from work and if they lose their jobs, it’s ‘a sacrifice we all have to make.’ We? This is basura, he means ‘they.’ Now there’s this bozo and he’s somehow gotten into UCLA as an affirmative action case for there is no merit in any of this “thinking.” This is bee ess.

  11. By the way, I know that El Sereno area where he “teaches” very well. It’s got one hell of a scary separatist community. It LOOKS like the shantytowns of Quito, Ecuador, complete with antiamerican graffiti, Chiclet sellers and symbols of leftist militancy. Some of those bastards are very secretive. Last time I was there, some money seemed to be coming in to some of the “community centers” there. Meanwhile, Hugo Chavez is real popular and that’s the place you go in LA if you want to go to a pro-Hugo-Chavez event. I suspect it might be one of those places where Chavez is financing certain things, some of his operatives were actually there a few months ago.

  12. What can be said about “Semillas (uh – what KIND of seeds?) del Pueblo?” Craptastic! Wonder what the gentleman thinks – or does he even know – of the Chinese under-the-radar plan to make Mandarin the world’s Numero Uno language, which I recently read about in “Wired” magazine? Seems Chinese imperial ambitions leave no room for…Nahuatl. Nahuatl? Now what’l?

  13. The title is right on.

    When I was in college one of my instructors pointed out a little talked about truth of multiculturalism. The more you emphasis the differences people have the more they will tend to separate. I’m proud of my roots, but I’m an American first.

    I think it’s great when people can speak more than one language. However, my country’s offical language is English. I would not move to France and not learn French. And I certainly would not have the arrogance to tell the French to learn English out of respect for my culture.

  14. Google Nahuatl and prisons together–it’s the language used by inmates in prisons to pass messages in code to gang members on the outside. Perhaps this Mechista has formed an alliance with the “resistance” from prisons as well. Judging from the poster above, it’s gangs who are running his ‘hood.

  15. Uh, yeah, we teachers are ALL in the profession to rake in the big bucks and get that 10 week (note, not 3 full months) vacation during which we have to rack up 54 hours of continuing ed classes, at least where I am. This cholo looks like a full-fledged MS-13 gang member- I’m sure Al Qaeda will find him a suitable recruit, as they are now focusing their efforts on gangs on the left coast who are riled up about being cheated by the gringos.

    Dame un “freno.”

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