Venimos de Cuba

Today could be the day we learn the fate of the book “Vamos a Cuba” found in numerous public elementary schools here in Dade County. If you’ll recall, many parents contacted the school board urging them to take action and pull the book from said schools as the contents of the book are rather peripheral and, if I may, quite slanted. Henry wrote about it here.

Last week, Ryan of Gringo Unleashed emailed me asking if I’d submit an editorial on this topic for his education related blog: Edspresso. You can read my take on this issue by clicking the following:

I do not have green eggs and ham.”

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  1. GASP! Has someone contacted the American Library Association? (sarcasm)

    I bet you they put the book on the shelves there!

  2. Let’s give the kiddies some Engels and Marx while we’re at it. At least they can use those books as soporifics right before nap time…

  3. Typical – I already can predict what the commies will say:

    But, but how can you be so critical of the educational model in Cuba!? Education in Cuba is free and universal. Before the Revolution it was illegal for blacks to read in Cuba, now 99.9999% of all Cubans know how to read! Plus those are not slave camps the children are sent to, but fincas where happy Cuban students sing, learn, play sports, and work as a thank you to the government that gives them a free and universal education and healthcare. American youths are so ungreateful! Remember, in the days of Batista, healthcare was only open for wealthy lighter skinned Cubans. Now 5 out of every 10 Cubans is a doctor or scientist working diligently to discover a cure for childhood Cancer! The work farms are not so different from the summer camps of the American boy scouts, 4H programs, Peace corps or Americorps volunteers! My proffessor at FIU tells me so!

    We can argue till we are blue in the face, but the other side will always come up with some BS to justify their means. Val’s piece was great, sadly we need more of those pieces to counter the almost everyday assault from the friends of the revolution. I think the first thing that needs to be done is find out who put the books there and

  4. and take the to task! Sorry for cutting off like that.

    Also I wanted to note that the middle paragragh was an example of BS and what the commies would say – they are not my ideas.

  5. I have a problem with the book being in the School Libraries. I would like to see the Miami-Dade school system displays in their “reference section” as historical fact, books with the following tittles: “Happy Children of Germany from 1939-1945” which don’t mention the Holocaust or “Happy Children of the American South” that don’t mention slavery, lynching or civil rights violations.

    What do you think would happen if such books were on school library shelves? Do you think that the Jewish or African-American community would stay quiet? I don’t think so!
    As a matter of fact, in 1984 the NAACP objected to the book “Huckleberry Finn” because it considered it “racist”. It was removed from school libraries. As far as I know, 10 books have been removed from school libraries in Hernando County by the school board after parents complained. In Chicago, as we speak, a high school board member also seeks to ban 7 books from high school libraries. And I’m certain that there are more controversial books being challenged by parents in other parts of the United States.

    Parents are not omnipresent. The school system has to accept first responsibility for our children’s education. As parents we all know that there are certain books that don’t belong in the schools. It is our “constitutional” and parental right to challenge that.

    What really bothers me about this whole issue is that when parents from other ethnic groups challenge the system they are exerting their “constitutional rights,” when Cuban-Americans challenge the system we are being “intransigent”.

    I’m tired of swimming against the tide!

    If all the above still doesn’t convince you then how about this: TAKE THE DAM BOOK OF THE SHELF!

  6. I noticed that Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Rudy Crew does not keep in his school libraries a copy of the historic book by Thomas Dixon, Jr., “The Clansman: An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan” (New York: A. Wessels Company, 1907). It is classified as a historic book because that was the basis for the movie “Birth of a Nation” by D. W. Griffith. While Crew purports that he is upholding “academic freedom” by allowing Castro propaganda books in the school system, he surely does not apply that same philosophy to a book that offends his own kind.

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