Photographs from Marianao

At first glance they look like pictures from some war torn country. Unfortunately, these are from fidel castro’s Cuba, the place that some foreign “specialists” laud as an example to follow in disaster preparations and relief, after recent heavy rains and flooding in Marianao:




And this certainly ain’t Venice:


Such perfection, fidel castro’s Cuba, no?

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  1. fidel castro’s Cuba is the quintessence of marxism/leninism/socialism. A better example would be hard find.

  2. I don’t think these pictures have anything to do with storm preparedness. Cuba does a much better job than most countries to prepare for storms. Credit the people who cooperate with each other.

    These picture do, however, show clearly the lack of development of the revolution. The derrumbes show better the poor living conditions that many have to endure. However, Fidel isn’t everywhere. The people are resiliant and know how to care for themselves. Fidel doesn’t rescue the people in a hurricane. The people cooperate with each other. For this I won’t try take credit from them to try to put another (of many) black marks on Fidel.

  3. ha ha, did the people also cooperate with each other to evict themselves from the houses in old havana so the tourists could move in? if cuba IS great at storm preparedness, it’s exactly BECAUSE it’s a dictatorship. Let’s face it, dictatorships have certain advantages, and keeping order is defintely one of them.

  4. Jzaragoniz: I don’t know much about Marianao, I am from Rancho Boyeros, but I think that the “ciudad que progresa” motto belongs to Hialeah!

  5. Though it’s true that “Fidel isn’t everywhere,” he definitely is the main cause of everything that is happening in Cuba. The “poor living conditions” are a direct result of his mismanagement of the Cuban economy and of his disregard and comptempt for the Cuban people.

  6. Omar,
    Hialeah didn’t start to use that slogan until well into the 1970s… I know that for a fact, for I lived in Dade County at the time.
    It was probably given to Hialeah by some enterprising folks from Marianao…
    Regardless, the situation is unaltered… yet another one former prosperous city in Cuba has been brought to ruins by Communism… and their tyrannical government is powerless –or unwilling– to prevent it. What a legacy!
    Incidentally, my name’s JZangroniz, not the way you spell it.

  7. Marianao looks like El Barrio de las Yaguas or “Llega y Pon” back in the 1940s. Castro claimed that the revolution would end these pathetic living conditions. Instead, he has kept the island in a time warp.


    shame,shame,shame, open your eyes cubans, cut this old prick to size.It’s up to you people to get rid of 100 years of solitude as the the colombian nobel dude would call it. Three generations to start again, think about it.

    He’s dying.

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