Sprinkling Cuba with a little fairy dust…

I think I’m convinced. fidel castro must be dead and Raul has grabbed the…um…er… reins:

Via FreeRepublic:

Cuba Breaks Taboos With National Gay Soap Opera

Posted on 06/08/2006 5:23:58 AM PDT by Dane

Cuba Breaks Taboos With National Gay Soap Opera

(CBS4/AP) HAVANA Once persecuted, then excluded, and finally tolerated, Cuban homosexuals have seen the debate on sexual diversity open wide before their eyes over the past few week. Now state-run Cuban television is breaking even more taboos with a gay soap opera.

For the first time ever, Cuban television is running a soap opera where several of the characters are openly gay.

“The Hidden Side of the Moon” is the title of the soap opera that has generated so much controversy among Cuban viewers that the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television, a state-run entity, had to pre-empt regular programming and invite a panel of experts to call for tolerance.

The soap opera tells the story of people that by different means have been infected by HIV.

Not everyone agrees with the notion that the soap will help Cuban society be more aware of diversity and become more tolerant.

Abraham Bueno, a gay who regularly turns into a female character named Imperio, believes that while the new soap opera did give entry to homosexuals on television, it didn’t necessarily help their image.

6 thoughts on “Sprinkling Cuba with a little fairy dust…”

  1. Hey Girl friends!

    Brokeback Gulag!
    Havana is Burning

    I guess Castro is throwing a bone to his Democrat base back in the USA?

    I also guess we will be seeing the lads from Queer Eye for the Str8 Guy doing an appearance in Havana soon? Just FABULOUS I see a drab Soviet era cinder block housing complex converted into a Caribbean pied de terre decorated in fuscia and disco lights – pool parties and makeovers – the Wizard of Oz translated into Spanish and a sassy version of Fidel’s battle fatigues designed by Channel.

    Rienaldo Arenas is turning in his grave!

  2. crass attempt to attract more gay tourism… lame… obvious… I’m bracing myself for the new wave of cuban apologists praising the tolerance of gay-friendly communism… communism has done this before, brilliantly, by linking itself somehow with environmentalism. let the rewriting of the history books begin again. puke.

  3. Not a huge deal, but I think it’s pretty sweet (no pun intended) that the cross-dressing character’s name is “Imperio”.

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