A la merde dans l’excrément!

Not only do some loony liberal academic democrats talk alot of shit, but now we have some that like to fling it as well:

Denver 7 News reports that the accused, um, dog poop depositor comes from academia. Why am I not surprised:

Ensz was charged with criminal use of a noxious substance. She is a professor emeritus at UNC [University of Northern Colorado].

She taught French.

A la merde dans l’excrément!

(I know, I know. The French above isnt perfect, but how does one say Me cago en la mierda in french?)

6 thoughts on “A la merde dans l’excrément!”

  1. She’s an elitist, she’s a liberal/leftie, she’s a professor. So she flings it, believes it, and teaches it.

  2. Hijo, se dice: “Je me chie dans la merde.” Not that the French say that, but that’s the literal translation, courtesy of my French fiance.
    Y se pronuncia (phonetically): “Juh muh shee dahn la merd.” (Something like that…)

  3. Hmmmm… I thought the French equivalent of “me cago en la mierda” was “Sacré Bush”

  4. Ensz debe ser de los intelectualoides de ENCASA porque eso es lo que tienen en el cerebro.

  5. Val:
    To translate the saying accurately in the colloquial: je me chie dans la merde (sometimes the last word will me pronunced marde- final E pronounced like when EEEE when you get hit in the stomach)
    Hope that helps


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