1 thought on “Una pregunta solamente”

  1. Plainly speaking sun-sentinel is somehow biassed
    in favour of the tyran of Cuba,now is less,before with vanessa was worse.Alarcon is a
    brazen liar so Why that nasty interest to invite
    him to tell us tall tales.Alarcon is a ‘bicho” and he is preparing for the future,but the brother
    of the coma has spoken yesterday and it warns every rival in Cuba that he and the army will take over of Cuba in the nerar future,that put
    out of business Alarcon,Perez Roque,The intelligence apparattus,etc,But I strongly believe
    that the future of my country will be one very different to Raul believes and very different too
    Alarcon and cronies dream,but the fact is the
    rivalry in the nomenklatura cubana could go beyond the spats to a very tough situation.

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