Boli-Nica picks the idiots apart -Updated

Do you know the Boli-Nica blog?

Boli is a fabulous Bolivian-Nicaraguan blogger who’s lived in almost every commie regime Latin America has ever produced. He hates all of them. Naturally, he’s full of excellent good sense, I love almost all his stuff, I think he’s one of the best bloggers, a real gem.

Anyway, he got wind of the castroite clown show going on with the Association for Hispanic Journalists, which is idiotically “interviewing” the little castro cucaracha Ricardo Alarcon, as if a jerk like that can actually be talked to. He thought this was the stupidest thing he ever heard and picks these idiots apart by stating the obvious that they just don’t get.

It’s a great read here.

UPDATE: Agencia EFE has a report on what that Alarcon farce was really like.

1 thought on “Boli-Nica picks the idiots apart <i>-Updated</i>”

  1. Despite That “‘ EL CABEZÓN’ Alarcón had taken
    aback in various issues when he was grilling
    yesterday,it is beyond my imagination the real
    value of wasting time with such a brazen liar.
    almost all what he said,have been already said.
    they are just echoes,the only speaker is the –
    coma-andante and all of us know that,so what this
    outrageous invitation with the support of cnn international has done is just give a role to a brazen liar to tell us tall stories.

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