Fontova vs. Michael Moore, etal.?

No contest:

Among many other crimes and horrors, Florida’s Cubans, writes Moore in his book “Downsize This,” are responsible for “sleaze and influence-peddling in American politics. … In every incident of national torment that has deflated our country for the past three decades … Cuban exiles are always present and involved.”

Such a blanket trashing of an entire ethnic group straddles the very dictionary definition of bigotry. Normally the entire Democratic Party would work itself into a collective froth against the villain who spouted such “hate speech.” Normally every media outlet in the land would promptly and boastfully ban this villain from its airwaves, broadcasting the decision between film clips of fire hoses in Selma, cross burnings and torchlight storm troopers at Nuremberg.

Moore himself denounces Republicans as “people who hate … people who get up at six in the morning trying to figure out which minority group they’re going to screw today.”

But ah! In “Downsize This,” Moore was insulting Cuban-Americans (i.e., Republicans), you see. So all is forgiven. So, instead of being pummeled as a bigot by the usual media, academic and governmental sniffers and snouters, Moore was feted as the guest of honor at the last Democratic Convention, squatting his gargantuan gluteus in the very president’s box alongside Jimmy Carter, then waddling onto the stage at Boston’s FleetCenter to an ovation rivaling even the one that deafened Fidel Castro when he addressed Harvard Law School and Washington’s National Press Club in 1959. Though it was close.

Read the whole thing at Newsmax.

4 thoughts on “Fontova vs. Michael Moore, etal.?”

  1. This comes as of no surprise considering many on the left choose to allign themselves with such organizations as: code pink, the world can’t wait, et al… They are form of communist/socialist organizations… and of course much of the same rhetoric is spewed from them that those in the media and also those as elected officials proclaim.

    We can only imagin the fire storm if say Michale Reagan were to make such a comment.

    It is pretty sad than even in a fairly leftwing country such as Argentina many of the “average Joes” hold open for such regimes as Castro’s, and their hearts ache for the condition of the country and despair of its people.

    Chau Y Suerte.


  2. That a pig like Michael Moore would write book witht he title ‘Downsize This’ is a rich irony nearly beyond compare.
    At the heart of nearly every leftist is a racist. They gain power by dividing people by ethnic and other differences and then in assigning special rights or penalites to them, according to their obedience to the lefty in charge.
    The lack of integrity in a writer who at once claims REpubnlicans wake up daily looking for an ethnic group to screw while at the same time looking to screw an ethnic group is striking. Perhpas it is time for Cuban Americans to raise the volume of outrage against that race-baiting prick?

  3. maybe he forgot floridas cubans are citizens and as such have not only the right but the duty to “sleaze and influence-peddling in American politics”…..doesn’t he do exactly the same he is criticizing? what a hypocrite! He wakes up at six in the morning trying to figure out how can he screw republicans today…..and cubans as well for that matter.

  4. Wow- what an article-

    I would like to see M. M. call a Cuban “wimp” face to face… I doubt it…who’s the wimp now?

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