Friendly reminder…

If you have not yet seen Andy Garcia’s film, The Lost City, please do so. You are going to thank me for it. And if you have seen it, see it again. You’ll thank me doubly. I saw the film for the 2nd time last night and I have to say it was better than the first time around. The first time I was busy trying to follow the story and thus I didn’t appreciate the beautiful photography or music as much as I should have. I can’t wait for the DVD to come out. I’d love to hear director’s commentary and see deleted scenes.

But don’t wait for the DVD, go see this film in the theater today.

P.S. one of the things I noticed was a couple of parallels to the Godfather series.

Warning SPOILERS below.

When Don Donoso dies in the tobacco field it reminds me of Don Vito dying in the garden.

When Fico arrives in New York there’s a scene where he is sitting on a chair in his spartan hotel room staring out the window. It reminds me of young vito staring out the window at the Statue of Liberty in his dorm room at Ellis Island where he is quarantined.

And of course both films feature Meyer Lansky (although in the Godfather films he’s called Hymen Roth) trying to muscle a casino business deal.

4 thoughts on “Friendly reminder…”

  1. Thanks, Henry, for making those comparisons. I had detected some stylistic similarities between “The Lost City” and the “Godfather” films, but not the similarity with the scenes.

    I agree — everyone should see the “The Lost City,” and if you have seen it, see it again. Two weeks after I saw it the first time, it was just as powerful.

  2. This movie is actually remarkably difficult to find. I live outside of DC, where there are probably more multiplexes per square mile than anywhere else on earth, and only two theaters in the area were showing the film. Even on Yahoo Movies you have to actively look for the film, it hasn’t been up on its list of current attractions since the weekend it debuted. I enjoyed it immensely, I just lament that it won’t receive a wider audience.

  3. Henry,

    “The Lost City” has yet to be shown in the Philadelphia, PA area. However, according to NetFlix, where I posted a request for this film, the DVD version will be available to NetFlix members this coming August.

    I have also asked our local community-owned theatre to run this film. They are looking for ways to obtain a print. Hope to see Andy Garcia’s movie this summer.

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