How castro “thanks” his friends

The UN.

Was there ever a more faithful friend to the slimey bearded dictator in Havana?

First, they gave him this nice seat on the Human Rights Council since they consider him a moral paradigm.

Second, they gave him oodles of praise on his supposed hurricane “preparedness.”

Third, they gave him UNESCO education awards, hailing his devotion to the service of humanity.

So let’s face it, the UN loves castro and considers him their idea of a great leader.

How does castro thank them?

By kicking their UN human rights inspectors out of the country. And why shouldn’t he? castro’s regime is an honored board member of the UN human rights council. It is the most hurricane prepared in the world. It is a great award-winning education giver. It’s the pole-cat’s meow. The UN said so, on all of these things!

So how could it … possibly … be a human rights violator, by UN standards?

castro is just listening to UN “logic” in his Green Eggs & Ham kind of way.

Is the UN?

3 thoughts on “How castro “thanks” his friends”

  1. What else can be expected from such a dysfunctional institution?
    Where are the human rights activists who deluge me with email?
    I’m totally outraged by this recognition of The Beast!

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