Thank you, Zo!

I wanted to add someone very special to Henry’s excellent list of people that defined the Miami Heat from the very beginnings of the NBA franchise. He came off the bench last night and played with the same fire, the same intensity and the same heart he has always shown on the basketball court. He may not have had many points last night, but he had 5 in your face rejections – critical and demoralizing shot blocks. His name is Alonzo Mourning.

Zo is the essense of determination and perseverance. A true team player and a man that has done so much for this community and the man who arguably carried the team on his heart and talent for years.

Four or five years ago, when Zo was diagnosed with a possibly fatal kidney disease, this entire community, basketfall fans or not, was deeply saddened. But Zo persevered nobly and humbly. He has always been, for me, the heart of the Miami Heat.

And last night Zo finally got the championship that a true champion deserves.


Thank you Alonzo Mourning, for the example you set, and for the honor and privilege of calling you one of Miami’s own.

5 thoughts on “Thank you, Zo!”

  1. I was going to mention Zo, but since he’s on the team I lump him among those who will be getting credit. But you are right. This is that much sweeter because Zo contributed greatly to last night’s win.

    8 points, 5 blocks and and 6 rebounds in just 14 minutes is remarkable. He was an integral part of the Heat coming back from being down 14.

  2. Zo IS the Heat. I was explaining this to my spouse last night as we watched the final game. He had a stellar game, and I am so glad he finally got his championship.

  3. Just left a Zo comment on Henry’s previous post. I remember shedding a tear or two when Zo’s old Heat team lost in the playoffs two years in a row to the Knicks. I also shed a few tears last night for a totally different outcome. Zo deserves it and much more.

  4. Goes to show you – sometimes the Good Guys still win, and there is some justice in this world. Well deserved indeed! A great example standing out in a sea of bad examples.

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