Godless Mythology

You may remember the Che exhibit at the V & A Museum in London that we wrote about a few weeks ago. Here’s the original post with a follow up with responses from the curator here. (The comments in the latter link are a must read.)

Academic Elephant had a chance to visit the V & A Museum, specifically the Che exhibit and has an excellent editorial posted that is today’s absolute must read. I dont think I’ve read a better break down of the reality of Korda’s che image:

I might argue that the lack of defining substance behind Korda’s image–its literal disintegration from its original–has been the root of its appeal for a generation that isn’t too concerned with heroes who are worthy of imitation as they seem more attracted by those who are imitated. And imitated Che has been. Since he stood for nothing, it has been easy for his image to stand for anything.

I urge you all to take a few minutes today and read Academic Elephant’s “Go-go Che at the V and A.” You will not find a better deconstruction of the che guevara myth anywhere.

4 thoughts on “Godless Mythology”

  1. Wonder if raul c now will insist his physician give him a prostatic massage with one of those che finger puppets? Ah, the banality of evil…

  2. Everyone should print a copy of AE’s bravura take on the V & A exhibit and laminate it. It’s the most effective weapon when confronting those who think of che as heroic. Loved it!

  3. After reading your correspondence with the museum, I was tempted to quickly email them, but I did not think a string of expletives would reflect well on those who can’t believe the idiocy.
    I will request that they do a similar exhibit using the Danish cartoons that caused riots in the Muslim world.

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