Hungary’s 1956 freedom fighters remembered

This is the 50th anniversary of Hungary’s freedom uprising in 1956. Like Cubans, later in the same decade, Hungarians bravely defied Soviet communist slavery against all odds. Thousands of Hungarians took to the streets, tore down Stalin’s statues, demanded the Soviet troops leave, sought an end to communism and issued a call for freedom.

They were mowed down by Soviet tanks.

Thousands became refugees, thousands were arrested, thousands were killed. Others were sent to reeducation camps. Others just had their lives ruined by decades more of monstrous communism. No one should ever forget the brave sacrifices of these courageous Hungarians who stood up to Soviet tanks in the name of freedom.

castro was aware of this hideous specter of tyranny and the Hungarian people’s brave efforts to end it. The eyes of the world were on Hungary in 1956. Thousands of communists around the world quit their party in disgust. Intellectuals like Albert Camus condemned the Soviet regime. The whole world was blanching in horror at the evils of Soviet communism.

And what did castro do?

castro, watching this Hungarian spectacle from afar, decided in that very year to become a communist guerrilla. He put on combat fatigues and headed up to the mountains, to seize power, and to take the same side as those brutal Soviet tanks that had already slaughtered so many freedom fighters in Hungary. That was his take on the matter – not to join the freedom fighters but to make cause with the Soviet oppressors. He made that decision the exact same year. It’s one more sordid revelation about why this thug became a dicator.

I posted some photos and links around this memorable event here.

3 thoughts on “Hungary’s 1956 freedom fighters remembered”

  1. “Radio Free Europe,” administered by the CIA, in their broadcasts encouraged Hungarians and led them to believe that Western support for their cause was forthcoming. Then, when the rebellion finally materializes they are left out to dry. Sounds familiar?

    At the time it was not in the best interest of the “great powers” to intervene. They had more pressing problems with the Suez Canal.

    The United States, Cuba and others condemned the invasion. The United Nations, as usual did nothing.

  2. It’s very sad. Even forking Hungary over to the Soviets after WWII was the ultimate in barbarism. Unfortunately, we were ruled by leftists like FDR (I simply can’t understand why the father of all welfare queens, the king of Big Government, and the forker-over of the heart of Europe to communism commands any respect at all, he sure doesn’t get any from me) and leftists are never very sensitive to the loss of freedom that communism brings.

  3. You should read more history and find out why Castro became communist and how Russia came in possession of Hungary and other countries in eastern Europe after WII. Can’t blame all of world history on your view of leftist politics.

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