In a 2004 speech president Bush accused castro of promoting sex tourism in Cuba. Castro vigorously denied Bush’s allegations, saying that what the White House believes is “that which the president makes up in his head, whether it corresponds to reality or not.”
In today’s el Nuevo Herald, there’s an article about Amir Valle’s “Jineteras”, a chronicle of todays Cuban sex trade, which developed in tandem with the expansion of the tourism industry in the 1990s. The story is told through the voices of the female prostitutes, pimps, and others that profit from their activities. The victimization of these women is evident, just reading the article will turn your stomach.
Remember these words? “Dentro de la revolucion, todo; fuera de la revolucion, nada.”
His “revolution” has destroyed civil society in Cuba. In the past a daughter lost to the life of a Jinetera was a family trauma, a dreadful shame. Not anymore, most of the jineteras are minors, and their families are resigned to the life forced on them. Is there anyone more vile than fidel castro? He’s nothing more than a pimp, using Cuba as his whore.
The article in spanish is here, and there’s a review in english here.

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  1. Ziva, This very important book is presently being translated into English by Rima Niapolis, under the title “Havana Bayblonia” which is the original title by Amir Valle. Thank you for bringing it to everyone’s attention.


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