Communist Pez Dispenser

The thing with communism is that as the higher ups become disenchanted with the system, there’s always some envious ideological numbskulls waiting in the wings to depose them:

Personnel changes reflect decline of Communist youth organization

MATANZAS, Cuba – June 26 (Oscar Sánchez Madan / – The plenum of the provincial committee of the Union of Communist Youth in Matanzas deposed the organization’s first secretary, José Anselmo Díaz, for “errors” committed in the management of the organization, according to an official announcement June 22.

Several members of the youth branch of the Party who asked to remain anonymous, said the deposition reflect unhappiness with the organization’s performance at higher levels. One member said the organization’s performance had “weakened” in recent years, especially in the ideological sphere, and also cited the failure to motivate younger members.

The Communist Youth elected as new first secretary 29-year-old Ernesto Li Duarte, the candidate proposed by the national bureau.

My bet is that for the newcomers, it’s more about the perqs than the party.

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  1. They are tearing each other to pieces, when that happened at the end of Brezhnev’s reign it was a sign things were on the way down.

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