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Have you ever asked yourself “What can I do to help enlighten liberals”? I know sometimes it’s frustrating to get our point across to those from the other side of the political spectrum. Perhaps some of you have no interest whatsoever in trying to educate liberals.

For those of you who don’t mind interacting with our friends from the left, here’s your chance. On Yahoo there is a section called Yahoo Answers, and one of the questions under the category of Media and Journalism is “What is the most important but underreported story of the year?

The question is being hosted asked by none other than Arriana Huffington, the Hollywood socialite and queen of all Loony Leftists. I coudn’t help but jump on the opportunity to spread a little ray of information to Arriana and others.

My answer? The plight of anti-castro dissidents in Cuba and the imprisonment of independent journalists in Cuba. I didn’t mention any specific names such as Guillermo Fariñas, but perhaps others can join in. You have to be a registered Yahoo member in order to participate and answer the question.

Here’s the link. Let’s do some educating.

3 thoughts on “Help A Liberal Today”

  1. That is pretty cool. Here is my answer:

    The continued repression of human rights on the island of Cuba. The most egregious manifestation of that repression is the imprisonment of more than 20 independent journalists, persecuted and prosecuted simply for doing their jobs of the telling the real stories of the real Cuba. The repression of the free press is just one way the dictator Fidel Castro holds onto power. Another is the limitation of the use of the Internet. Cuban independent journalist and dissident Guillermo Fariñas has been on a hunger strike since Jan. 31, to protest a Cuban government decision to bar him from using the Internet to transmit his stories.

  2. My boyfriend is a liberal (with a libertarian bent), but a liberal who happens to be an engineer. As such, he can be convinced by data. I have been trying to bring him over to the Right side. One thing I have done is show him the truth about Cuba, Castro and Che.

    He has been converted on this issue and is now thoroughly disgusted and appalled by the Castro-loving left.

    He has maintained that the media does not have a liberal bias, but when he asked me, sincerely puzzled, why the horrors of modern Cuba are not being reported in the news every day, I said, “You tell me.”

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