What 100,000 anti-communists look like when…

…every young woman in your country just happens to look like Raquel Welch.

Every pretty chick in Bolivia (Raquel’s ancestral homeland), I kid you not, has come out for an anti-communist rally against slimey castro, thuggish Chavez, and the godawful Evo Morales.

100,000 of them rallied in Santa Cruz yesterday for autonomy from Morales’ communist jackboot, many bearing anti-communist signs.

Go see the photos I posted at Publius Pundit here.

5 thoughts on “What 100,000 anti-communists look like when…”

  1. I have always said it, anticommunist chicks are HOT. Look at their beauty, and contrast that with the liberals at other demonstrations….
    For some reason, beautiful women seem to hate communism. I am so glad I am on their side!

  2. if anything positive can come from this, if things get really bad over there, maybe those girls will decide to come to SoFla and seek asylum and reside here. I will represent them all pro bono.


  3. Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and now these beautiful women.

    Make sure we get copies of these photos to every male college freshman. Let them know that there is an alternative to those ugly anti-American chicks running around campus.

    …and call my travel agent!

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