Cuba: Yesterday and Today

A number of years ago, I inherited an album of old postcards from my great aunt Nora. At the time, I thought what good are a bunch of old post cards? The album turned out to be a treasure of old photos that captures a time long past and I love them. Viewing them, I imagine my grandparents courting, sitting on a park bench, chaperone nearby or later, taking my mother and her siblings for that Sunday drive in the countryside.
I’ve come across another postcard collection; this one will transport you back to an untarnised Cuba B.C.
For your viewing pleasure, one hundred years of architecture and life through postcards at Hilda’s Cuban Postcard Museum.

6 thoughts on “Cuba: Yesterday and Today”

  1. what a treasure trove. Amazing she could get that out of Cuba. I have only a handful of photos of the Cuba my grandparents and mother saw. You may want to consider publishing that collection. The copyrights have probably since expired.

  2. Mike, I didn’t mean to mislead, this postcard collection is not mine, it’s Hilda’s. I wish mine were as wonderful as this one.

  3. Dear Ziva,

    Thank you so very much for posting the link to this unique collection. It is, indeed, a treasure that Hilda has put together for all to see. I agree that it would make a terrific coffee table book. This site may encourage other collectors to share their cards.
    Cuba Libre!

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