More Bolivian rage at castrofication

Bolivian blogger, Alvicho, whose excellent blog Off Topic is essential reading on the castrofication of Bolivia, reports that a totally gross public billboard depicting castro, his Venezuelan mini-me Hugo Chavez, and his Bolivian mini-mini-me Evo Morales has been yanked by authorities in downtown La Paz due to public complaints.

Alvicho has a photograph of the communist billboard with each of the three dictators shaking his maracas. castro occupies the center spot in the creepy Cult Of Personality lineup.

I really am getting a feeling about some vast well of disgust rising over in Bolivia.

See Alvicho’s photo of the gross billboard here.

3 thoughts on “More Bolivian rage at castrofication”

  1. They certainly are freaks. I understand that Morales really is gay and I don’t know about the other two. But given the way they act around each other, you aren’t the first person who’s raised the issue.

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