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Moonbats. A rare, though loud, species that manages to capture the attention of amateur MSM journalists around America. Here’s an example from Chris Matthew’s Hardball on MSNBC. Cindy Sheehan — Mother Sheehan — said on that she’d rather live under Chavez’s rule than in America. Don’t tell us, Cindy, just put your money where your big leftist mouth is and get the fuck out of my country. If you don’t like it, leave. Don’t talk about it, just do it. We’ll hold the door for ya.


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  1. Okay lets be civil. I say that we start the SHIP CINDY TO VENEZUELA FUND. I’m sure that we could all kick in in order to kick her out. I’m sure chavez would welcome her with open arms. I’m serious about this. If she doesn’t accept this then we could give it to charity.

  2. While I agree that Cindy Sheehan has no clue what she is talking about — wanting to live under a wannabe Fidel — the solution is not to tell her to “get out.”

    The beautiful thing about America is our freedom, particularly our First Amendment freedoms. We are free to express our opinion, no matter how stupid or misguided or unpopular they may be.

    CASTRO is the one who is known for silencing/imprisoning/deporting people on the basis of their opinions. We should not stoop to his level.

    Let’s be true Americans and defeat stupid comments about Chavez, Che, and Fidel, in the American way — by utilizing our freedom of expression and winning out in the marketplace of ideas. But not by suggesting that people with unpopular views should not be allowed to live here.

    That’s Castro’s way, not ours.

  3. When someone continuously bites the hand that feeds her, issuing forth a torrent of mendacious criticism bordering on the lunatic, and that person sings the praises of a country that, in no small terms, is emulating the dictatorship of a murderer, then I say GET THE FUCK OUT. To Mother Sheehan I say that if it is so bad, live your dream and leave us to our hell. We like it, you don’t. Just stop talking about it and prove your point to us. You see, these demagogues are massive hypcrites, and it is our solemn duty to expose their hypocrisy and urge them to be true to what they say. Will she? Of course not! She’s a leftist. And all of you know when a leftist is lying, right?

  4. Sheehan is just another gutless leftie weenie that says things and doesn’t mean a single bit *as it applies to her*. There’s no way on earth she would actually agree to live in a place like Venezuela or Cuba or any of the other places she idolizes *for others*.

  5. She is leading a hunger strike in protest for the war in Iraq. Let the BITCH starve to death.

  6. Again, Mr. Moneo, and Ziva, that is CASTRO’s way, not ours.

    This country was founded on the principles of tolerance and free expression. Castro’s brutal regime was founded on killing, imprisoning, deporting, and harassing anyone who didn’t agree with the government.

    All of my political views have developed in opposition to Castro’s regime. I have seen the injustices that my family had to suffer, all because of their beliefs in a free market and in democracy.

    Now, we are lucky enough to live in a country where we have the right to speak freely, and even criticize the government.

    If we take that freedom away, if we start to say that Ms. Sheehan should “get out,” as misguided as she may be, then we are no better than Che and Fidel. We are no better than the radical Muslims who don’t tolerate any viewpoints but their own.

    We have Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, and Jose Marti as our heroes. Champions of free speech. Not Fidel, Stalin, and Mao.

    Look, I think that Cindy Sheehan has no idea what she is talking about. She has never lived under Chavez, and it’s very easy for her to make stupid comments when she lives in the comfort of the USA. Where she has the right to hold her protests. Those protests would never be allowed in Cuba or Venezuela.

    I don’t agree with Cindy Sheehan — but the Constitution of the USA protects her right to dissent. And above all other things, above Bush, Chavez, Fidel, Clinton, Republican, Democrat, Communist, Capitalist, lies the CONSTITUTION.

    That’s what makes this country great. So let her dissent. Then it’s our job to educate, and engage in civil dialogue, breaking down her stupid argument and proving her wrong.

    That’s the true American way.

  7. The woman is obviously a come mierda, plain and simple. Our country is full of come mierdas both on the left and right. What does tick me off is how she and other come mierdas are given legitimacy by the media. Sadly, if you are a come mierda of the right wing persuasion, you are referred to by the media as a simpleton and you are automatically discredited and not given any legitimacy. But if you are a left wing come mierda, who would gladly spread them in a three-some with Fidelito and Hugo, they are somehow important and we should listen to them.

    If the media stopped giving come mierdas any coverage, then perhaps the media itself could be legitimized once again.

  8. Dave, point taken. I agree with you in principle. However, the world we live in is very different. The media — the unelected, unslected fourth estate — gives legitimacy to voices such as hers, without the balance of opposing viewpoints. The danger here is the saturation of the brains of masses with a bucketful of BS that they will take as gospel. I am concerned that the electorate will believe the tripe fed to them and then we will truly be doomed.

  9. It’s no surprise that the media is biased toward the left. Our job is to counteract that as best we can. Even with small victories, we have to fight the good fight.

    For example, the NY public libraries started selling a Che Guevara watch. I helped to spread the word and we got some newspaper coverage (the New York Sun) and the library got flooded with phone calls from Cubans who told their stories of the REAL Che. Eventually, the watch was pulled from the shelves. A small victory.

    Rapper Jay-Z wore a Che shirt, and Pitbull, a Cuban-American rapper from Miami, wrote an article in the New York post telling the real story.

    Andy Garcia produced “The Lost City.”

    And you guys are spreading the word with this blog. We all do what we can, through the means we have.

    Let’s fight ideas with ideas — it’s a never-ending battle, because stupid ideas never seem to go away. Not with rage, but with intelligence. It’s what Jose Marti would have done.

  10. Whoa! There is a Cuban-American rapper in Miami called Pitbull?! Where do I sue for trademark infringement? 😉

  11. Hate to say this George, but THAT Pitbull got his moniker before you got yours.

    That’s OK, you’ll always be OUR Pitbull! 😉

  12. Is it just me or ….. does Momma Sheehan keep morphing into a masculine-looking (trying to avoid using “butchy”) boomer?

    ‘Been observing her since her Crawford roadshow last year, and I noticed her image keeps changing — clothes got dingier, shoes got expensively scrunchier, but what got to me was the hair and make-up-less face. The haircut is masculine, guys.

    Saw before & after photos and …..tell me my eyes are lying ….. But THAT look suits her fine, + matches some of those in her entourage.

    Let’s get the loon down south of the border, I will make a contribution for sure.

  13. She said she’d rather live in Venezuela. Unlike Cuba, this is a free country, so why doesn’t she pack up and move? Because like the post points out, she’s a lying hypocrite who desecrates her son’s memory.

  14. Shifty Sheehan is the Jane Fonda of the 21 Century. Finally the Main Stream Media can re-live those “glorious days” of the Vietnam anti-war movement. They have found their Icon.

  15. Ref the hooie above, I have no objection to Sheehan’s dissent. What I object to is her claims Cuba and Venezuela are better places to live. If I believed that, I’d move there so why doesn’t she do the same and stop bugging everybody here in the US who recognizes her nonsense?

  16. F#%k her, she deserves a serious punch in the throat. What a retard.
    She needs to come down to Miami and see all the condos that Chavez cronies are buying with looted oil proceeds.

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