Some arent vicarious communists…

…some are plain old dumbass communists.

My father did two stints forcibly cutting sugar cane in Cuba – in between time in jails. The first was I believe in 1960 or 61 for a few months. The second was for almost two years, right after I was born, away from the family as required by fidel castro in order to let our family leave the country. There was no payment for his 12 hour workdays, nor was there any help, monetary or otherwsie, for the family he was forced to separate from.

Im pretty sure I know exactly what my father would say if he read the following report from Reuters, titled “Cuba’s “revolutionary” tourists pick fruit, haul rock

By Esteban Israel
CAIMITO, Cuba (Reuters) – They do not come to Cuba for the beaches and tropical mystique that draw more than 2 million other visitors each year.

Instead they come to spend their vacations working in the countryside under a blazing sun, eating rice and beans and sharing a room without air-conditioning or toilet with seven others.

They are so-called revolutionary tourists who arrive each year from about 50 countries for a “total immersion” in one of the world’s few remaining socialist countries.

“I call it a revolutionary vacation. I dedicate my free time to doing something concrete for the Cuban revolution,” Carlo Sarpero, a 26-year-old shop keeper from Genova, Italy, explained, as he repaired a school.

Cuba will receive more than 1,200 foreign “brigadistas” this summer for its “social-political” tourism program.

“Que clases de comemierrrrrrdas!”

These complete comemierdas actually pay fidel castro $350 to become his slaves for 21 days. They spend 21 days toiling in cane fields or tobacco fields or in quarries, then return home all enlightened and fullfilled that they have done their part to help the almighty revolucion.

Because 21 days in Cuba working in the fields makes you a damned good revolutionary. A hero of the working class! Vicarious heroes who spend 3 weeks in Cuba, their hearts filled with joy as to their selflessness, who then go about and live in a free society while their Cuban comrades rot away in the worker’s utopian island. Blind, deaf and dumb.

These people are worse than Vicarious Marxists. They are Ineluctable Marxists who, despite all evidence to the absolute contrary, continue in their pursuit of the ideological myth.

Que clase de comemierrrrdas!

Hat tip Stefania and David R.

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  1. I am sure that castro would prefer the paying tourist, how else is he going to go from being a millinaire to a billionaire (at least publicly). Not even with these requetecomemierdas revolting revolutionary tourists can Cuba meet the sugar harvest projections. They have actually managed to turn back the clock and are now producing at 1800s levels.

  2. And you know what the saddest part of the story is. These people probably comeback convinced more than ever that th US is responsible for Cuba’s ills. I’m sure they have a sort of stockholm syndrome where hours and hours of hard labor together bond them. This would not be dissimilar to the missionary work that some might do going to countries like the Dominican Republic to build schools and aqueducts. Everyone that I know that has gone on these legitimate trips comes back changed. Probably the same for these comemierdas. I’m not equating the trips, just the ability of that type of experience to create “evangelists.”

  3. I wonder what other laborers, some of whom are forced, and other residents think of these travellers.

    Probably not very highly.

  4. I think folks need to remember that although these dupes are working in the fields for the “revolution”, they are NOT experiencing the Cuban reality because they are most likely getting three meals a day, hot water to bath, a domicile that doesn’t leak, etc. I am sure that the Cuban government carefully plans who they come into contact with, where they go, where they stay, etc…….

  5. Think about it! 1,200 more imbeciles being videotaped and photographed in compromising situations. These are the “blackmailees” of the future.

  6. These are known as Mercedes Benz Marxists. They pretend to be communists but own expensive autos and live in affluent neighborhoods.

  7. Also, I’m speaking with several democracy activists in Cuba, and they’re confirming that there’s a further increase in repression.

    I wonder how long will it take for the world to wake up and take the side of the freedom for Cuba?

    The new crackdown is worst than that of 2003.

  8. That is among the most insane things I have ever read in my life.
    I am so taken aback/intrigued, in fact, that I’m going to spend some time this weekend trying to get a hold of the specifics (maybe even talk to one of the comemierdas) about how exactly they live and are fed on these trips.
    It will be interesting to know, but also somewhat pointless. The information will only determine whether the line has been crossed between comemierdería and sadistic ignorance.

    I’ll be sure to let you know if I find anything out/post it on my own blog.

  9. Let all of these ‘useful idiots’ (Lenin’s term for sympaticos Americanos) experience the real Cuba…gulags, torture, no food, no water, no electricity, no money, informants, ‘psychiatric hospitals’, being sent ‘away’ when you test positive for AIDS, confiscation of property, forced participation in the Party, no college, Marxist/Leninist indoctirnation, no medicine, no drugs

    You want to get rid of Castro? Build a Wal Mart at Gitmo and let the Cubans in. Castro would be dead in a week!

    There is an intellectual revolution going on under-ground in Cuba – getting ready for the death of Castro. It is large, well organized, clandestine, and ready to take control when El Presidente goes where all of his kind go. But as mi suegra dicen, ‘la mala yerba no muerte’

    The Beard will die. I only hope it’s as soon as possible.

    Mate La Barba!

  10. Believe it or not, some of these people who consider themselves “revolutionary” (young and naive) go over there, have one of these “work” experiences and realize that it is all a lot of crap, that there is no freedom in Cuba as we know it, and they come back quite disillusioned and counter-revolutionary. Not all of them are totally stupid, just naive.

  11. I guess castro decided 21 days was the most they could handle even under the “best” of conditions. They should try it for five or ten years with the same diet and conditions as real Cubans. I think they’d have a much better idea of what the “revolution” really means.

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