The WaPo on Andy Garcia

Andy Garcia, interviewed by Stephen Hunter of the Washington Post, when asked if his anti-Castro stance has hurt his Hollywood career:

“I can’t say that it’s hurt my career. I don’t really believe my peers judge me that way; I trust them too much for that,” he says. “But if it hurts me, that is no reason not to speak the truth. My parents brought me here to speak the truth. What I’m not prepared to do is not speak the truth because it’s unpopular.”

Hat tip: Charlie Bravo

You should also check out “Voices From Cuba” a documentary narrated by Andy Garcia that “(explores) one of the most fascinating and turbulent immigrations in U.S.history – as told through the stories of the people who lived it.”

You can read a synopsis of the film here.
You can view the heartwrenching trailer here.
I urge you to support the film via tax deductible donation here.

3 thoughts on “The WaPo on Andy Garcia”

  1. It goes without saying that Andy Garcia is being VERY DIPLOMATIC. Of course being anti-Castro can hurt you grievously in Hollywood. After he made “Bitter Sugar” Leon Ichaso was outcasted for a while, and Garcia had to get independent financing for his movie, “The Lost City” even though is is very well-known in Hollywood. The quality of the movie, aside, I’m sure that if Garcia had approached the major studios for backing for a pro-Castro, Che-loving movie, he would not have had so many doors slammed in his face!

  2. Oye, that’s why you gotta respect celebrities like Andy. The guy doesn’t just go on TV and start talking nonsense like the Sean Penns, Danny Glovers, and Susan Serandons of the world. He doesn’t seem to be the type of guy who expects people to listen to him, just because he’s a “celebrity.” Instead, he goes out, uses his talent, his art, to make tremenda pelicula about the TRUTH. Punto.

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