CAFC II (Updated)

The Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba issued part two of it’s report to the President today. You can read the fact sheet about it here. President Bush’s statement is here.

Im trying to find a full text version of the report online. As soon as I have procured it, Ill post a link.

Update: Full text of the CAFC II below the fold courtesy of La Nueva Cuba.

Update: Im told by sources close to the state department that the Nueva Cuba report posted is one that was “leaked” a few weeks ago. The actual final reports are now up at the State department website, in pdf format. (Ive removed the original report I posted from below the fold.)

To view the actual report, click here.
To view the Compact in English, click here.
To view the Compact in Spanish, click here.
To view a statement on the report from Condoleezza Rice here.

9 thoughts on “CAFC II (<i>Updated</i>)”

  1. Well if we shred the report as well as the Presidents comments and then spread it over my lawn I believe that my grass will grow better.
    “Where’s the beef”? The obvious is that its election time rolling around and we will be pacified with “we’re with you” and “Cuba will someday be free”. Someday will never come until something “real” is done to make it come about.
    I just hope that me fellow Cubans won’t accept this as anything of substance. States will continue to trade with the enemy while the regime continues. Its all about money and nothing about freedom. Our Cuban brothers and sisters will continue to rot until castro and others die of natural causes. This has been a major letdown for me as I was hoping that the President that I helped elect would get going and doing something. This jinetera’s vote won’t be so easy next time around. Single issue politics perhaps, but Cuba must be free and thats #1 to me! Pardon my venting, but all the hype caused a major letdown.

  2. Caca is right. He’s making speeches about freedom for Cubans while refugees are locked up on a coast guard cutter.

  3. America’s open shores? Have they never heard of the wet foot/dry foot policy? Break the information barrier? They are not allowed on the internet. I read through the caca as Val appropriately called it and no mention of cutting back on sales to Cuba. Oh yeah I forgot, those guys lobby and contribute. Accept the truth CUBA ONLY MATTERS TO CUBANS. We are on our own.

  4. I agree pototo. I have yet to find anything of substance, nay, actually anything new in this report that hasnt already been promised and discussed and debated and assured, ad nauseum, previously.

    Two thing that jump right out at me at first read are the recommendations on providing more information for the Cuban people. All it mentions is broadcast and print. Not a word on the internet, arguably the newest and best source of information available in this century.

    Second: wet foot/dry foot. Nicojones on that as well. So cubans will still be risking their lives to croos the gulfstream and the US Coast Guard will continue to intercept at sea and repatriate back to the island prison. The recommendation in this section is that the US is basically going to whine like a little girl that fidel castro isnt living up to his end of the deal.

    In essense, this report could have been whittled down to seven words: “Let’s wait for fidel castro to die.”

  5. They left out one important recommendation. Print the report on 2 ply tissue and sell it in four roll packs.

  6. Remember the much heralded Helms-Burton Act? The one that Clinton refused to enforce the substantial Titles III and IV? Bush has not only followed the same policy and failed to mention it when he addressed Miami Cubans in 2002, but now it is totally omitted from this report. Just another example of failed U.S. policies that have allowed Castro to linger in power until he dies.

  7. It seems to me that it is not bad at all in its core,but what is needed is that the BushAdmisnistration talk the talk and walk the walk.I am a cuban exile in Europe for more than
    six years,I am,in fact,a dutch citizen,without
    loosing my cuban citizenship,it is blatant that
    the destiny of Cuba is decision of the cubans,but
    COuld the cubans decide against the planned succesion under way,now,in Cuba,with the petrodollars of Chavez and the bullets of the ésbirros’and the nasty and bloodshed actions of
    spies? My answer in Not,if somebody has another
    tell me,but first let your facts straight before
    beginning pontificating.It more than acceptable,it is useful to accept help,without conditions,and just in case if Bush and his staff is playing politics and this is no more nor less than a tall tale,What did Clinton? Do you guess
    what will do Hilary?I live in Holland,but I am
    very proud of my kith and kin who are in their vast majority Republican,del gato un pelo,dicen la gente de mi barrio.

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