Why I despise the left.

I havent wanted to post about it because I hate blogwars, but if you havent read what’s been happening with good friend Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom, you should. It proves two things: just how intolerant certain sectors of the left are and just how screwed up our Universities are.

In a nutshell: A liberal leftist Adjunct Psychology professor posted some pretty serious threats to Jeff’s two year old son in the comments section of a post a Protein Wisdom. Follow the links above for the entire story.

I cannot even fathom how I would feel or what I would do if someone threatened my family, let alone a two year old. But you can bet I wouldnt be without this.

2 thoughts on “Why I despise the left.”

  1. You don’t need a gun to take down a fat crazy bitch like Deb Frisch. Just put some Visine in her silage and let the veterinarian think she died of cholera.

  2. Nevertheless, in the case of the typical left-loon-liberal small brained type, the relatively new and hot .177 round should suffice.

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