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The first I heard of it was in a comment from Frank in Mora’s post here. I’ve received a ton of emails asking for confirmation and one email with a link to the following by Jonah Goldberg of NRO:

Castro Dead? [Jonah Goldberg]

Two e-friends working on Wall Street say rumors are running around that he’s bought the big one. I find nothing on the wires.
Posted at 2:33 PM

As usual, take these rumors and reports with a grain of salt. We have no confirmation yet and dare i say that even if he were dead, the rest of the world wouldnt find out until what’s left of his government is good and ready. But chill the champagne por si las moscas.

You can get a general feeling of what it’ll be like by reading this.

Update: Commenter tdewey tells us it was also reported – since retracted – on el nacional in Venezuela. Scroll down to 4:44 on minuto a minuto on the right.

Update: It occurs to me that while I have your attention and while we wait for confirmation, should there be any, it might behoove all to check out the blogs on the CUBICHES blogroll, just so you all can get an idea of everything that’s been going on in communist Cuba.


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13 thoughts on “From the Rumor Mill”

  1. What I would give to be in Miami at the Versalles resturant when the asshole kicks the bucket! Break out that 100 dollar bottle of champagne they have on the menu there. IT’s Dom P I think.

  2. Versailles? Man, that was my very first job–back in 1977! I’d love to be back in Miami when the celebration happens. BTW, I saw “The Lost City” in Miami with the folks–a little uneven but powerful nonetheless.

  3. Coño, ojala.

    All this talk about Raul and the Communist party has me thinking that he might be very sick (physically, we know mentally). Let’s hope for a painful death.

  4. Apparently first reported by Venezuelan TV. See minute-by-minute note at 4:44PM. Since retracted (which doesn’t mean it isn’t true – Chavez would be 2nd or 3rd to know – could be info was released before Chavez & Cuba were ready to deal with crowds & etc.).

  5. Came back from work only to find out that actually EFE denied the information, but still I’m going to follow Val’s suggestion and head to the booz store right now, keep the bottle chilled, and wait. Por si acaso.


  6. Got not just one bottle, but two. May this be the beginning of cagastro’s eternity in hell. Que empieze a pagar por toda la miseria que a causado.

  7. Actually he has been dead since April (the last Rumor). They have been recirculating the same old film footage. I know this because he keeps repeating la misma mierda de siempre.

  8. I DO agree that whenever he kicks the bucket, we won’t find out until his gov is good and ready for us to know. Very true.

    Can’t wait for the day it’s true, though…

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