Cuban government to dissidents: Screw you. (Updated)

Because in Cuba, there is no such thing as the individual. There is only one master and he thinks for everyone.

Via BBC:

Cuba warns dissidents over US aid

A top Cuban official has warned dissidents they will face consequences if they accept funds from a new US plan to promote political change in Cuba.

Critics will say that the US shouldnt help dissidents. But if the US doesnt, who will? The Europeans? Fat chance. The Canadians? Fat chance. The Mexicans? Chance gordo. Every country in the world, with the exception of the US and Czechoslovakia, prefer to keep Cuba as their own cheap, quaint little vacation spot.

Update:A Cuban reader exiled in Slovakia sends the following:

How you doing Val? I’m still reading the blog every day and enjoying it. 🙂
Just to react to your one post, here in Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovkia of course), people go in droves to Cuba as a ‘cheap, quaint’ vacation spot. If you heard the way they talk about our country you would never stop throwing up. One person told me recently, ‘We have to go to Cuba now because after Castro dies it won’t be Cuba anymore’ (meaning, it might not be such a great way of spending for what is for them a cheap holiday in a beautiful country). My answer: Quite the opposite when Castro dies it’ll be Cuba AGAIN!