The Post

There’s a post that I’ve been itching to write for three years now. The post. The post that everyone wants to read almost as much as I want to write. It’s the post that has probably kept this blog going as it’s the post I promised myself I would one day write on this here blog.

You all know what post I’m talking about.

Yesterday’s rumors of the demise of the dictator have had me almost giddy with anticipation. Could this be it? Will the botellitas finally have their long awaited say?

Try as I might to be prudent, to be pragmatic, to understand that this is probably yet another in a long line of fidel castro deaths, I find myself unable to stop picturing the exact moment the confirmation of the news breaks. I’ve imagined myself at work, in meetings, on the phone, driving in traffic, at my Mom and Dad’s house, watching tv with the Mrs., drinking beer with the buddies, in the bathroom. You name it. Ive pictured the news coming during any and every activity in my life.

And I have written The Post many a time. Tried to capture what that moment will be like before it actually occurs. Foreseen, forethought, forefelt it in every way imaginable. But the truth of the matter is that I dont know exactly how I’ll react. I dont know exactly what I’ll be thinking. I dont know exactly what I’ll be feeling. I can, right now, only guess.

But The Post is coming. I know I will write it. And I will no longer make attempts to capture the moment beforehand.

On that day, Im going to sit in front of this here keyboard and let my soul do all the talking. It’ll be unedited, it’ll be emotional, it’ll be hopeful, it’ll be heartfelt, it’ll be raw, it’ll be many things.

And, hopefully, it’ll be soon.

15 thoughts on “<i>The</i> Post”

  1. I also am struggling in keeping my emotions in check. I am trying to remain calm in the event that this is yet another hoax timed to meet the cafc II report. But I am emotionally paralyzed and am catching myself captive in anticipation of the good news. I just wish that this sould be confirmed one way or another so I could go on with life. It will be one long party!

  2. and at that moment, so overcome and overwhelmed with many emotions maybe the post will be:
    “He’s dead.”

    I too long for that day, and have absolutely no clue what will come out. But even if as short as “he’s dead” it will be packed with emotion.

  3. Even as a non-cubano, I relish the day when this news becomes final. My heart will rejoice with all of you when this tyrant becomes worm food. (and he’s shoveling coals for the devil in Hell)

  4. THE PIMP IS DEAD………..
    Pimps the world over are making plans to pay homage to the greatest PIMP of the all fidel castro. Rumors are that the remains of the king of pimps will be dumped at sea. This will prevent the Cuban population from draging his body from La Habana all the way to Santiago de Cuba.

  5. A while back I noted the fact that granma or prensa latina had a story about the average life expectancy in Cuba being 80 years. I think maybe that between the lines they were telling Cubans “It won’t be long now.” Let’s hope “The Post” comes before August 13. It would be ironic if Fidel didn’t live to the average life expectancy of his vaunted health system.

    Muerete ya maricon!

  6. any wowd…btw the last post…hahahah…….

    common dammit the wait is killing me…is he dead ?

    i need to know…

    i hope it was painful

  7. AE,

    Yes, the silence is kind of eerie. the way i see it, it’ll be rather quiet, possibly a or a few days, possibly more. In two weeks, we will find out. On July 26th. fidel’s little national holiday. if he dont show up, he’s hung up his sneakers.

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